Writers Wanted!!!

You think you got what it takes to be a part of Xana Anime Review!

email me at this-> jordanmccutcheon@yahoo.com

or comment below



  1. Shigamuri Nana says:

    idk if you guys are still looking for people but i do admit im a bit intrested.
    Let me know if you are. shigamurinana@yahoo.com

  2. TANVIR MAHBUB says:

    try me out.

  3. Jaytag says:

    I am not sure if you still need people to write reviews but I would love to be considered. I have an extensive writing background and a deep love for Anime.

  4. Your probably not still looking but the “Writers Wanted!!!” thing is still at the top well i and go in depth about great horrible or just OK anime my only problem is my grammar but I’m fine with spelling so your choice but i would love to help out even if only i miner role from my website you may be able to tell i used to run a comedy well by the end of it it was baicly a meme/best of Reddit website but it is still experience so i hope you do hire me but if not I’mm fine with that but regardless would you please leave a comment/email saying if you will or wont i don’t need a reason i just would like to know

  5. CodyWBooth says:

    I think I got what it takes, A class writer

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