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I posted this on Wan Abrar yesterday and thought I would post it here too for all your enjoyment.

Does anybody need a break from whatever they are doing?  Maybe you are at work bored to death in a cubicle, maybe you’re at school bored to death staring at a PowerPoint, or maybe you are like me bored to death trying to study for your University Mid-term Biology exam.  Don’t fret because thanks to PETA you have a new computer game to play; Pokémon Black & Blue.  For those don’t know PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  They are a borderline eco-terrorist group that attempts to “save” animals by doing ridiculous stunts and protesting some really dumb things.  I call PETA an eco-terrorist group even though I am a hardcore vegetarian who does not condone violence against animals.  I am not saying all PETA is bad but throwing paint on fashion stars, staging public nudity in cages and protesting Nintendo characters is not a proper use of their money. (more…)