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Spoiler Free! 🙂

Synopsis: This movie follows the two Elric Brothers from the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood franchise. I sol this movie at Anime Boston 2012 a week or so ago, and they had the head of advertising for Fullmetal Alchemist come and answer our questions/tell us a bit about the movie. So he said that this movie is supposed to take place between episode twenty and twenty one of the Brotherhood series. So in this respect it is different than Conqueror of Shamballa, because that acted as an end to the first series, where the Sacred Stone of Milos takes place in a plot break in the series. It is about the abuse and exploitation of the people living in slums known as Milos, who, now lead by Julia Crichton, are trying to take back Table City, a sacred landmark. Much of the plot has to do with fighting between the Amestrian army, the Creta people, and rebellious factions from Milos, and the ethical and moral dilemma that inevitably occurs when using a philosophers stone.