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FINALLY! Finally I see a plot emerging…I think…maybe?  Episode fucking five, and just now a plot is starting. I have an affinity for fast paced shows, and in my opinion Zetman definitely does not fit into that category. It is episode five, and it seems as though just now the plot is slowly but surely starting to evolve. It appears as though the players all belong to a group or “family” as it is referred to by the leader called EVOL. From what I can glean EVOL runs on a strict set of rules, the players assimilate into typical human life, and work to remain secret to the humans, and have a peaceful relationship with them. This episode we also find out who the emo-haired, feminine featured dude is who has been skulking around in the past five episodes, he is a member of EVOL by the name of Haitani. He seems to have an interest in ZET in order to strengthen EVOL and overthrow the humans. Not the most original plot out there, but hey I’ll take it, better then no fucking plot. We also meet a creepy ass old guy who is a member of EVOL who has taken an interest in Kouga, his reasons for this have not really come to light yet.



This was a pretty boring and predictable episode…UNTIL THE END! Wow they are good at leaving you with cliffhangers so you tune in next week. Because of the exiting introduction of this “Sweeper” character, I’m actually looking forward to next week. The Sweepers character design is…interesting. It sure as hell doesn’t fit with the modern atmosphere and character design of the show, in addition it looks like he wields a pretty epic sword, and weapon design is pretty exiting to a anime weapon enthusiast like my self! A third intriguing aspect of The Sweeper is where he hales from. I can infer that he does not work for Amagi Corp. by Mitsugai’s reaction to his appearance, and he is not working for/on the side of the players, because of the fact that he kills those who break “the rules.” Does he privately/independently patrol the streets? I’m just going to have to keep watching to find out!


Not the most eventful of episodes. It was far less action packed then I would have liked, pretty much Jin agrees to work for the people who made him AKA Kouga and Konoha’s grandfather, Mitsugai Amagi. The very wrinkly and creepy Mitsugai reveals to Jin that he was created to hunt the “players” after they escaped. It can’t be that simple, can it? Mitsugai is most definitely keeping things from Jin, and he is more than likely fostering ulterior motives, and taking advantage of Jins naive nature. Rule of thumb: No one with that creepy of a face is that up front and honest.


This episode takes place several years after the first one. Now Jin, Konoha, and Kouga are all in middle school. Konoha and Kouga both look fine, but Jin…it is so incredibly unbelievable that he is in middle school, the artists made him look so much older. His physique and body…not one of a middle schooler. But anywho, comparatively that is a small qualm to have.

My brooding emo kid senses were blaring during this episode. Jin is going to make one hell of an emo kid. I can already hear the fan-girls…Not that this is a criticism, I like a good brooding emo hero as much as the next person, and it’s been a little while since I personally have watched a series that featured one. So bring on the brooding! (more…)

Ok, I have to say I’m really exited for this anime so lets dive right in!

Might as well start with the opening…or lack there of. I watched it on Hulu, and there was no opening. I don’t have any qualms with this. So far the voice acting was well done, though it’s a bit hard to tell from just one episode.

This episodes starts with a voice over explaining what monsters known as “players” are. These “players” were an attempt to form perfect humans, but instead these monsters became nothing more then a hobby for rich folks who would bet on fights. “Players” had no will of their only, they only had the will to kill, until they gained some sort of awareness, and when they did, they retaliated against the rich people who used them as entertainment, and killed them all.

Then we meet a young boy who lived in poverty with his “Gramps” the boy is named Jin. Jin, along with his two wealthy friends, Kouga and Konoha Amagi, patrol the streets and do jobs for people in the name of Justice (well Jin actually asks for money from the people he saves, but that’s beside the point). Even though he is just a child Jin has no problem tacking out three full sized men.

Jin returns home that night to find that Gramps has been attacked and is on the brink of death. Gramps had not taught Jin what death is, so he spends some time wondering around the streets, with Gramps in a shopping cart, trying to get help, even though Gramps is very dead at this point.

He ends up staying with the very same woman, Akemi Kawakami who he saved earlier that day. So I’m really not a fan of fan-service, and there was a scene where Jin and Akemi were taking a bath together, and it started off very dicey, I was pretty sure they were going to take it to a place where I really, really didn’t want it to go. But somehow the writers managed to turn that into a pretty nice scene, which will teach me to judge a scene by its implications.

When Akemi and Jin are walking home from shopping the next day they are attacked by a monster that uses his tongue as a bladed whip. He slices Akemi, and reveals that he is the one who killed Jin’s Gramps. Akemi begs Jin to run, but he doesn’t want the only other person he cares about to die, so he stands and fights, though he doesn’t stand a chance. In a last ditch effort Akemi knocks the long tongued monster off his feet so he doesn’t kill Jin, the monster then lashes out and savagely cuts her face. Really, all together it was a gore fest, and I loved it. Jin then pulls some serous Dragon Ball Z super saiyan, and stops the monster in its tracks by transforming into some sort of monster himself. Jin then proceeds to pass out.

Jin wakes up in the hospital and is given a pendent that was his Gramps, and is then shown to a room where Akemi is sitting, and bandaged up, but ok.

It is also clear that Gramps was a scientist, and Jin is nothing more then an experiment having to do with “players.”

On the technical side the animation was very nice, nothing mind blowing, but very solid and consistent. The fighting scenes were pretty cool, pretty standard, nothing that made me take a step back and say “wow”, but still fine.

I think I’m going to really like this show, I look forward to how they answer the pretty hefty questions they set forth about justice, and violence.

Thanks for reading!