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April 9-15

Noitamina Is Looking Good

Well it looks like Noitamina is back and better then ever.  Last season, Noitamina’s two series Black Rock Shooter and Guilty Crown sucked.  Noitamina is supposed to not be a program for Shonen anime.  Noitamina’s two new series are Sakamichi no Apollon a series about Jazz and Tsuritama a series about fishing.  They are both great.  Sakamichi no Apollon probably is going to be the best anime of the spring season if not the best of the year.  Finally we have an anime about music that is going to be good.  It looks like it will be a very realistic series that also has a great story so far.  Tsuritama was also great.  It is very bright and colorful.  The characters are all strange but based on the first episode I have no idea where this series will be going. (more…)


Mysterious Girlfriend X

This is my first weekly anime review and I am already late one day, I am really sorry.  I had a busy weekend going to Anime Boston. Here is my review of everything anime from April 2nd through 8th.

Anime Boston

First off I went to anime Boston last Saturday.  I have come to the conclusion that American Anime fans are a bunch of slutty fat girls and cross-dressers.  I am kidding by the way.  But there were people there who should not have been wearing what they were wearing.  I had a lot of fun at what was my first anime convention I have ever been to.  I’m not going to talk too much about it because there will be a whole editorial about it eventually on this site and the Wan Abrar site. (more…)