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This is late! I am Sorry! I have a lot of work!  It is almost my exam week at college!  And all my classes are giving me papers and tests!  Tsuritama is so fun to watch.  It comes out Thursdays, right near the end of the school week.  It is so nice to just sit back and relax to this show right after class.  It great at making me forget all about a stressful week.  For all those who say that this for girls, f*ck off, I don’t care and stop being sexist.  (more…)


This is a few days late but whatever.  I couldn’t wait for Tsuritama to come out because it just seemed like it would be strange and colorful, which I love. Tsuritama is set in Shonan, Enoshima a small costal town.  Throughout his life high school student Yuki has never had a friend of his own, because he is isn’t able to communicate with people properly. Then there is Haru, a self-proclaimed alien from outer space, who loves to fish. There is Natsuki is a local boy who always seems to be annoyed by whatever’s going on around him. Lastly there is Akira a mysterious Indian boy who watches over them all, while maintaining a distance. These four angsty teenagers meet and go fishing; and just have fun. (more…)