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(I don’t trust her!)

Who the fuck is this Asami Sato character?! She seems like such a useless addition to the cast. The appearance of Asami is the first real qualm I have had with the Legend of Korra so far. Was she introduced just to create tension and confusion between Korra and Mako? Do I smell a love square(ish) thing emerging? Ok lets take a moment to draw this out: Bolin likes Korra, Korra likes Mako, Mako likes Korra? Mako most certainly likes Asami, who likes Mako back.  Pheww that is a mouthful. The dialog between Asami and Mako felt forced, on a first “date” who tells the other person about their personal financial woes? In addition, after knowing each other for a matter of days Asami is already telling Mako that he “makes her feel safe.” The scenes featuring these two just disrupted the flow of the episode, which was disappointing to say the least. I don’t at all mind the romance aspect to this show, in fact I think that it adds an important dimension to the series, especially because they are upwards of 17 years old (so I would expect nothing less of hormone driven teenagers), I just think that Asami is nothing short of a useless character who takes precious screen time away from characters I actually give a damn about. The one and only reason that Asami is at all an important character is because now her father is funding the Fire Ferrets so that they can compete in the Pro-bending championships. So I guess I should really be thanking Asami because now I will be treated to some more Pro-bending action scenes, I don’t have to like her though, do I?



(I completely agree with Korra, that is exactly how I feel at my 8:30 am class.)

I’m blown away by this Nickelodeon show. I mean really, it has no right to be this damn good! What part of this episode should I gush about first? The style? Ok, you got it. The 20s/50s/steam punk style just works so well. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to pull it off because it is pretty different then the first series, but wow, it just looks perfect. The characters who are members of gangs even talk like 20s and 30s gangsters. That could come off as cheesy, but it really doesn’t, it just flows perfectly with the atmosphere. The steam punk aspects like the motorcycles, and the use of steam power are also just superb. Even though motorcycles seem very modern, they also fit the atmosphere, and the very steam punkish style of the Equalists perfectly. Also the fact that Mako works at a power plant that is powered by lightning, is interesting and futuristic, yet does not seem at all out of place. But Legend of Korra does not at all completely abandon the style of the original, people will still wear colors that represent the four different elements, though they are more integrated, with less stark differences. It is truly a masterful integration of new and old.


Yes, I do know that this show, by definition, is not an anime, but that does not make me like it any less. Though I must say, it has absolutely no right to be this good, it’s a fucking Nick show. When the first series aired and I was in 7th grade I fell in love. Nickelodeon decided to pre-release two episodes on the 23rd because they got over 100,000 likes on facebook (yes, one of those likes came from me!).  Before you ask, no I did not see the live action movie; I did not want to see M. Night. Shamalamadingdong shit all over a franchise I love.

This series takes place 70 years after the original, and Aang has passed on, leaving a legacy that will be hard to follow. The new Avatar is a hotheaded water tribe girl by the name of Korra


Right away it is apparent that this series is geared more toward an older audience because where as Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Toph were 12-14, Korra is 17, rebelling against overbearing protectors (come on what teen has not dealt with that?). She has a completely different temperament then Aang did, and this is a nice change of pace. Where as he rejected the fact that he was the avatar, she completely embraces it. We also get introduced to other characters, Mako (totally the future love interest) and Bolin, bending brothers who are apart of the pro bending team, the Fire Ferrets. We still have connections to the original in the form of Tophs daughter, a talented metalbender and head or the Republic City police force, Lin. As well as Aang’s monk like son, Tenzen, and his three air bending children who will be teaching Korra air bending.

The animation is nothing short of superb, not at all a let down. The bending fight scenes were great, the choreography was original and well done. The metalbending utilizing the surroundings of Republic City were sick. Also the new series has a much different style, it’s more steam punk/20s, which looks great! I’m really interested in character design, so seeing steam punk style integrated with the Avatar world I already know and love is pure eye candy.

Throughout the two episodes my mature themes senses were tingling. The writers expertly pose the predicament of a bender ruled government that oppresses non-benders, and how the growing animosity between these two groups could rip their finally peaceful world asunder. These mature themes were accompanied by some genuine laugh out loud jokes. It is always nice to know that a series can do both effectively.

The background music was really effective in heightening the mood, and making the fight/chase scenes all the more heart pounding. I give the composers a hearty round of applause.

On a final note, the animals that reside in the avatar world are great, Korra has a giant polar bear dog, names Naga, and she is adorable.

Can’t wait until the next new episode!

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So Lykos will be reviewing Legend of Korra.  We know it isn’t an anime but if you have a problem with this deal with it  and stfu 🙂

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