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It was an interesting episode of Sankarea that didn’t have too much to do with the story.  About half of the episode was spent in real time and the other half was flashbacks.  We got to learn a lot about both Chihiro and Ranko.  Chihiro loved zombies as a little kid.  He hasn’t changed at all in the past 10 years, no wonder he turned out the way he did.  The episode built up to a big show down between Chihiro and Ranko.  Ranko tried to kiss him and Chihiro’s expression was priceless.  He looked like he was in pain.  He has no feelings for his cousin; Ranko needs to get this through her head.  I expect to see a confession by Ranko in the near future.  I hope next week we will get back to the plot at hand, maybe we will see some more of Rea’s father.

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I want to start out by talking about that kiss between Rea and Chihiro.  I know it technically happened in episode 5 but they showed it again in episode 6.  That was one hell of a kiss, powerful and passionate.  Okay maybe not passionate, more like full of blood lust.  If I was Chihiro I would be a little afraid.  As cute and harmless as Rea looks she isn’t, she is hiding some real power.  Not only in the previous episode did she rip Ranko’s clothing off but also in episode 6 she kind of threw Chihiro against a tree. Rea had good intensions, she did save him from a car but Chihiro was hurt.  She needs to be really careful; if she doesn’t pay attention she could kill Chihiro or someone else close to her.  Also what was with Rea licking Chihiro’s wounds, does she crave his blood or something?  It was a little too creepy for it to be to “sanitize” his wounds. (more…)

Damn I haven’t reviewed the past 3 episodes of Sankarea.  It is time compress 3 episodes into 1 review.  In my episode 3 review I said that the next few episodes of Sankrea will make or break this series.  I am glad to say that I still love it.  Episodes 4-6 were great.  Rea being a zombie is awesome and it is the opposite of her personality.  She is such a sweet girl but she turns into a monster when she doesn’t have her hydrangea.  I hope she doesn’t end up by mistake really hurting someone.  In episode 6 she did throw Chihiro out of the way of a car and it hurt him but he was fine. (more…)

Rea is finally a zombie, and it is about time.  Her mean daddy by mistake pushes her off a cliff, and damn she gets impaled.  I would have liked to see them drag out the death a little bit.  She immediately comes back to life.  It would have been nice if she came back to life that night so we could see more of the emotional reactions of her father and Chihiro.  I wonder how her dad will now act now that Rea is a zombie.  I bet he will be much nicer to her.  He has already killed her once I bet he doesn’t want to do it again.

I just want to write a whole essay on how cute Babu is.  I am so happy he is a zombie kitty.  He is my new favorite animal in Anime.  I love the little noise he makes.  Even though he is a kitty I expect him and Rea to form a bond as zombies.  I wonder if Chihiro’s grandfather is a zombie.  He keeps eating Hydrangea like Babu has been which is a poison.  I wonder if it is the Hydrangea that keeps the zombies alive.

The next few episodes are going to make or break this series.  I hope it is able to remain the dark emotional series it has been so far.  I don’t want now that Rea is dead for the series to become an Ecchi comedy without its emotional richness.

F*ck Rea’s father! I’m sorry for my language, but f@ck that perverted piece of sh*t, waste of a f*cking life and oxygen.  He makes me angry! So angry I’m not going to be able to do a proper review of this episode.  I am thankful my parents never acted like him; he is the definition of controlling.  If someone does something he doesn’t approve of he makes him or her disappear.  It is a little bit scary, I would be worried Chihiro, even though he has no way of knowing what this guy is like.  I hope the father dies; he disserves the most painful of deaths. (more…)

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I will be filling in by reviewing episode 1 of Sankarea while Robert waits to get his computer fixed.  Sankarea is an anime series I am really looking forward.  It has the very interesting mix of romance and zombies.  It being the first episode, lets get to   quick synopsis of the episode.

Furuya Chihiro is a high school freshman with an obsession with zombies.  He is in love with them and he wishes he could have a zombie girlfriend.  When his cat Babu gets hit by car he is incredibly upset.  With an old notebook full of instructions to bring the dead back to life and his dead cat, Chihiro goes to an abandoned building to try to bring Babu back to life.  One night while he is at the abandoned building a cute girl by the name of Sanka Rea comes by to vent her problems down an old well.  One thing leads to another and they begin to talk.  Chihiro informs her that he is only interested in zombie girls.  Rea then says that she will become a zombie so that Chihiro will date her. (more…)

So I really want to blog Sankarea. I am really intrigued by the plot but episode 1 didn’t have much to offer.  It was much more of an introduction than anything else but that doesn’t mean that it was a bad episode.  I like Chihiro as a protagonist, not only does he have awesome hair but he is pretty funny and he has a cool style to him.  I like the dark animation of the episode, really fits the mood of a zombie series well.  Let us hope for a great series, which I am really looking forward too.  Also some breaking news, Funimation just licensed this series so expect a future release for those who live in the United Sates.  The premise of this show is very interesting, it better not disappoint.