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Kids on a Slope gets better and better every episode.  What really got me in this episode was the big concert scene.  In your face rock band, in Kids on a Slope world Jazz rules overall.  I loved the medley of all the songs from the anime.  It was great to see Kaoru and Sentaro and play together.  I think Ritsuko finally felt Kaoru love for her.  She was really surprised and happy when she heard him play the “sound of music” on the piano for her.  I hope we will get to see them get together in the end; they would make a wonderful couple.  I wonder what’s up with brother Jun he is a freaking mess.  I kind of confused why Sentaro ended up punching him, I guess it out of love.

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Big freak-out this week in Sakamichi no Apollon, so let the war begin; Jazz Verses Rock & Roll.  I know which one I would pick but don’t tell Kaoru.  So we got a new character this week that is a little bit flamboyant.  I don’t like him; he is up to no good.  I think he is trying to break up the relationship between Kaoru and Sentaro.  When Sentaro accepts being a part of his band Kaoru runs away and we get to know how he truly feels about Sentaro.  He is scared to death of loosing him….so why is he pushing him away.  Is Kaoru going to go back to his loner ways?, probably and it is sad.  I hope everyone makes up quick.

I liked that Kaoru was learning the Sound of Music on the piano.  I want him to wow Ritsuko so that she will fall in love with him.  That probably won’t happen.  Well brother Jun shows up at the end of the episode, I wonder where he has been.

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Where the hell is Jun?  I hope that he isn’t just hiding out with some girl that would be boring.  It would be awesome if people where actually after him; would make for a good side story…Episode 5 of Sakamichi no Apollon was great.  The episode really focused on Kaoru and his struggles.  It upsets me that he stole Ritsuko’s first kiss and it is too bad that things didn’t work out between them.  I still have hope for this relationship and I’m glad that they made up in the end. (more…)

Sorry for missing last weeks review, I have been very busy with school.  We had 2 very complex episodes of Sakamichi no Apollon.  It looks like there is a love pentagon developing.  Is that even possible?  Kaoru has a crush on Ritsuko who has a crush on Sentaro who has a crush on Yurika, and it looks like Yurika is developing feelings for Jun.  This is all turning into one big mess.  It surprises me how much romance there is in this series.  I thought it would focus more on Jazz than the romance.  This series is not without its jam sessions that have been in every episode so far, which are amazing.

I was proud how at the end of episode 3 Kaoru was finally able to confess to Ritsuko.  It takes some real courage to confess to a girl who has no idea you like her.  However I don’t think he should have kissed her like that.  Kaoru knows she has a thing for Sentaro, kissing her is only going to confuse the girl further.  What if that was her first kiss…and you stole it from her.  I know you are in love buddy but you need to think before you do things.

There was some real racism in episode 4.  I was taken aback a little even though it made perfect sense.  The drunk American soldier said something unforgivable and it pissed me off.  This is the first anime I have watched (to my recollection) that has ever had white racism towards African Americans.  It was impressive that Kaoru kept his cool during that scene, I would have probably acted more like Sentaro and refused to play.  Also Sakamichi no Apollon was brave enough to show racism of the Japanese towards Americans.  This show is set in the 1966 only 21 years after Japan surrendered in World War 2.  The cast of characters grew up in a very hard time.  Sentaro being mixed race had it the worst of all.  Flashbacks showed the racism that is classmate and even family showed him.

Over all episodes 3&4 of Sakamichi no Apollon were great.  It is still among one of my favorite anime of the year so far.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day.

Another great episode of Sakamichi no Apollon; another episode that is proving to me that this could easily be the best anime of the season.  Episode 2 offers a jam session between four of the characters and it was excellent.  Although Kaoru was a little bit sloppy, he still has piano skills and the others recognize him for it.  I like the whole combination of drums, piano, trumpet, and cello; they also sound great together despite the fact I normally don’t like brass musical instruments. (more…)

I want to start by saying that Sakamichi no Apollon has a chance at being the best anime of the spring 2012 season.  It has an interesting premise and a strong story to back it.  Despite having some stereotypical aspect to anime, (transfer student and delinquent) it still seems very original.  Being the first episode here is a quick synopsis.

It all starts in the beginning of summer, 1966.  Due to his father’s job, a high school student by the name of Kaoru Nishimi moves to a small town with some relatives.  (more…)