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Originally posted on April 1 2012 on WanAbrar

So as some of you may know my favorite anime of all time is Bakemonogatari so I was ecstatic when I heard last year that a sequel was being made.  I had extremely high expectations for this series, but was Nisemonogatari enough to satisfy my tremendous hunger for this bizarre original story?  I don’t think I really need to write a synopsis for this series, if you don’t know what this franchise is about, it is better to start out with Bakemonogatari or you will be completely lost.


Nisemonogatari is able to improve on the already amazing animation of its prequel.  Similar to Bakemonogatari the backgrounds don’t have much movement so that the show can focus more on the interesting interactions between characters. By saying they don’t have much movement isn’t a bad thing.  The series is full of wide-open backgrounds full of geometrical shapes and patterns that establish the setting very well. Nisemonogatari uses an interesting combination of lights and darks, while continuing to use the strange abstract camera angels from the prequel.  One thing that made me really happy was that there was very little use of the flashing words.  They get on my nerves when they are overused in Studio Shaft’s anime but there were only a few in Nisemonogatari.  The character designs are still as strong as they ever were and the new characters all look great.  It is also really nice to see that many of the characters have changed their hair, it show that time has past in the series.



The returning characters to the series are great but some of the new characters just don’t compare in stature.  Everyone from Bakemonogatari are developed well in the original but Araragi’s sisters were developed so poorly.  They were superficially developed; you get to know a little about them, but really nothing worth wile.  Kaiki on the other hand was a very interesting character and a fake.  It was nice that the series actually had a bad guy who was a complete asshole.  For better or for worse Araragi the protagonist has become much more of a pervert throughout this series.  I don’t understand his damn relationship with his sisters. It is creepy and really sexual.  It is never okay for someone to strip their sister naked or to grope them…Also unfortunately some of my favorite characters from the original series are barely seen throughout Nisemonogatari.



We get 2 new openings in Nisemonogatari, which are sung by Araragi’s sister.  They are both a lot of fun and they represent both the sisters well. The voice acting is still as good as ever, and the characters voices fit the dialogue well.  I’m sorry this section is so short, there isn’t much more to add onto the sound in this franchise.



If you thought that Bakemonogatari was slow when getting to the point of things well get prepared for Nisemonogatari to surpass that.  The show is really drawn out especially in the beginning, and feels unnecessary at times.  Nisemonogatari really didn’t need to reintroduce every single character; they could have done so much more.  The dialogue that was so strong in the first series just seems like a shell of its former self in Nisemonogatari. Don’t get me wrong it is still bizarre, humorous, and down right great but it just isn’t as good.  It isn’t able to replicate the greatness of Bakemonogatari. Instead the series seemed to want to push the boundaries of anime into a realm of perversion, which is downright weird and creepy.  There were several times I was just incredibly confused, like the damn toothbrush scene which goes down in history as the creepiest anime scene I have ever seen.  I felt like such a creepy pervert watching it, I kept looking around to make sure that no one was around.  I liked that in Bakemonogatari that there was fan service but not enough that it got in the way of the series but that was the opposite of Nisemonogatari.  The show just wanted to exploit the damn girls constantly.  I saw things in this series that I didn’t want to see…the toothbrush scene.  Nisemonogatari seems like more of  Bakemonogatari’s less successful little brother.  The story is still great but it is completely overshadowed by its predecessor.  If you liked Bakemonogatari’s plot and style you will probably find yourself enjoying at least some of this series.



Overall Nisemonogatari is inferior to Bakemonogatari but it is still a great anime that I enjoyed.  The show is still a lot of fun to watch and it still has its moments of brilliance but it is a shell of its former self.  At least we get the Kizumonogatari movie coming out soon.  Hopefully that will be able to bring this franchise back to its glory days.


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This is really late because I am lazy and have schoolwork.  Nisemonogatari episode 11, the end of the Phoenix arc was a great episode.  The episode doesn’t skip on having a great ending to the arc, violent, bloody and fast.  It was cool to see Shinobu drink some of Araragi’s blood and power up into teenage mode.  She destroyed that little girl so fast!  Araragi really takes a beating because he isn’t interested in fighting.  I was not expecting all the blood, may have been the bloodiest episode of the franchise.

Araragi comes to terms that despite his sister being a nisemono he still will love and treat her the same as he always has.  I’m not sure if I like Senjougahara with short hair, I Don’t Like Change! Ohh well she still looks great.  We have 2 episodes left in the series.  Maybe they will have something to do with Senjougahara and Tsubasa, they were both pretty secretive in the first arc of the series.  I think I saw somewhere that the arc may be called the Tsubasa Tiger but don’t quote me on it.

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I wonder if there will be any ovas for Nisemonogatari, the plot finally kicked in for the Tsukihi arc in episode 10 last night.  I have no idea how they will be able to finish up this story in 1 episode, seems like too much of a stretch.

Kaiki is back to Araragi’s dismay, and according to Kaiki, he is only there for a small circumstances, nothing for Araragi to concern himself with.  He does give some important information to Araragi, and when I say give, I mean he takes all of Araragi’s money and then tells him the info.  We find out the new character Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki are killers of the immortal. Kaiki also says that Yotsugi is Yozuru’s shikigami.

Araragi thinks that they are after him and he goes and confronts them at his house but he is wrong.  In some kind of epic finger blast Yotsugi blows up Tsukihi, which makes Araragi, go crazy.  We later find out that she is not dead and not Araragi’s sister. Tsukihi has been taken over by a phoenix, which had faked its way into a human household.

On a sour note why does Araragi have to act like such a perv in Nisemonogatari.  In Bakemonogatari he was to a lesser extent and at the least he didn’t touch his own sisters…Nisemonogatari should be called Incestmonogatari.

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(goodbye hair)

Midterms over!!! So now its time to do some backlog anime reviews.  So episode 2 of the Tsukihi Phoenix arc had no Tsukihi.  Most of the episode revolved around Karen and Araragi, all pretty straight forward.  I wonder how its possible for someone to cut off their hair with a key, well if anyone can do it, it would be Karen with her insane strength.

It was really funny when Shinobu tripped Araragi when he was sneaking up on Hachikugi, maybe some jealously there.  Araragi and Hachikugi dialogue is really fun to listen to, second only to Araragi and Senjougahra.  There are also 2 new characters, Yotsugi Ononoki and Yozuru Kagenui, I hope they will be interesting in the future.

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Midterms are here, meaning I have tons of work so this review is going to be short and too the point.  Nisemonogatari, episodes 8 made me feel dirty.  I think this series can now be classified as Ecchi, maybe even beyond that.  Episode 8 was borderline incest, and it makes me much to unconformable to talk about.  Why did the toothbrush scene have to be with Karen… This series is creepy, and I hate to say that I love it; I have loved every second of it so far.  Maybe what happened was just a bonding experience between Araragi and Karen that will bring them closer together. Lets just hope.

(ohh no here it goes)

So why does Karen want to meet Kanbaru so much and why is she the head of her fan club.  Is there a reason beyond the fan club, maybe, but I bet Karen likes her so much because they have very similar personalities.

Thank God for Tsukihi showing up for when she did.  Bad, bad things were probably going to happen.  If you don’t know what I mean by bad things, go watch this episode but make sure you’re alone…  Well on a less creepy note the new opening theme was great!


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The Karen Bee arc is over, whether you found episode 7 anti-climatic or brilliant.  Deishu Kaiki has left the city for now but we can probably expect him back in a later story because of his business at Kanbaru’s house was probably foreshadowing a latter event.  Next episode will be the beginning of the Tsukihi Pheonix arc. With only 4 episodes left in the series we can expect this arc to be at a similar pace of what was found in Bakemonogatari, instead of the uncharacteristically long Karen Bee arc.

The Karen bee arc as a whole was a lot longer than I ever expected it to be, 7 episodes in all. The longest arc in Bakemonogatari was the Tsubasa Cat arc, which was five episodes, and the rest of the arcs were ether 2 or 3 episodes.  I liked the arc overall but I found others complaining that it was too long and that it had a lackluster ending.  Many people thought there should have been a better confrontation between Kaiki, Araragi and Senjogahara.  If this had happened I would have found it uncharacteristic of the show.  Instead you get very interesting sequence of dialogue between the characters.

For all those people complaining, shut up.  Episode 7 gave you such an amazing action sequence between Koyomi Araragi and Karen Araragi.  It was on the same level as what was previously done in Bakemonogtari, meaning pure insanity. Kaiki said that Senjogahara has become boring.  If she were her old self she would have killed Kaiki immediately.  Instead the characters are very mature when speaking to each other and it shows they have grown throughout the series.  On a side note it looks like Senjogahara is going to sleep with Araragi…  Instead of this just being dirty, it shows that Senjogahara has grown up as a person and is able to love Araragi after everything that has happened in her life.

Overall part 7 of the Karen Bee arc was a great finisher episode to the first part of Nisemonogatari.  Kaiki has left the city and the middle school students are finally safe from his fake abilities.  Kaiki never gave Karen a poison bee because in the end he was always a fake he had just hypnotized her.  Next week we get to look forward too and learn more about Araragi’s younger little sister, Tsukihi, I can’t wait.

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(You want those lips?)

When it comes to Nisemonogatari I can only describe myself as a huge fan-boy.  I love every aspect of this anime, from its amazing visuals to it unique sense of humor and I have never found myself bored by it.  I found myself overly upset when I read a poll on Crunchyroll, straight from Japan’s, that listed the top 10 most boring winter 2012 anime.  It was based on 4,798 votes (not very many) and Nisemonogatari got the 5th most boring anime.  What is that even supposed to mean, “Boring Anime” this list lost all its credibility.  Just because Nisemonogatari is so popular don’t hate and vote it down you damn hipsters.  I’m sorry I will actually get to the review; inner fan-boy was speaking there.

(to bad the electric pencil sharpener broke)

There isn’t much to say about the sixth episode of Nisemonogatari.  It was amazing just like all the other episodes even though not very much happened.  Instead the episode was more of a conflict-building episode.  I predict that some big events are going to go down in episode 7.

Thank you episode 6 for not showing a possible incest scene.  Episode 5 ended with Araragi about to kiss his sister Karen, to remove the poison for her body (or that’s what Araragi claims.)  Instead of the episode showing this, Araragi just explained that he was able to ingest half of Karen’s poison, which was caused by the bee.  She is still sick, but not in as bad of shape as she was before.  Araragi is fine because he still has some vampire traits from before.

Deishu Kaiki, you should be scared, you are about to feel the wrath of Senjogahara.  She sharpened 100s of pencils to deal with him.  She is very upset due to her past issues with Kaiki, she says she wants revenge.  Senjogahara blames Kaiki for her parents getting a divorce.  Araragi and Sejogahara have made plans to go confront Kaiki and we will see what happens in the 7th episode.

Come on Karen, she didn’t listen to her brother and she ran away.  She is most likely going after Kaiki again even though she isn’t healthy enough for this activity.  Its good that Araragi has Shinobu on his side, she can smell blood from miles away, which means she will be found soon.  Hopefully Araragi can find Karen and bring her home before he has to meet up with Senjogahara to confront Kaiki.  I can’t wait to see how things go down in the 7th episode; I hope they get their revenge on Kaiki.

(I don’t know if that is correct)

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