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After an awful Biology Lab, with a quiz thought up by a life form full of pure evil it was nice to relax watching a new episode of Naruto.  To go along with last weeks episode, it is still night 1 of the great ninja war.  White Zetsus are posing as members of the allied ninja force and screwing with everything.  This episode focused on team 8.  It’s nice that the writers decided to give them some screen time; we haven’t seen Kiba, Hinata and Shino lately. (more…)


I have been really bad about posting as of late.  All my anime reviewing time as been spent writing for Wan Abrar.  I am going to post a few back posts from the past few weeks.

Today is the official start of me selling out.  That’s right, I’m reviewing Naruto Shippuden episodically for now.  Before you all start hating on me hear me out.  Naruto was what brought me into the lovely world of anime.  Yes I had watched other anime before Naruto mainly Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh, Zatch/Gash Bell and 4 kids One Piece (if that even counts) but Naruto was the first anime that grabbed my attention.  I was 13 years old when I first watched Naruto and I am now 20 and still watching it.  I have suffered through all of the filler and all of the flashbacks.  I am not calling Naruto the best anime, it is not the best by far and it is not without its flaws.  Maybe what I really love about Naurto is that it is one of the last things from my younger days that are still going on.  I am now an adult thrown into an adult world doing my best to survive college.  Time is growing ever shorter until I have to make the big leap into the real world, get a job, and have to support myself.  Naruto for a mere 20 minutes help me forget the inevitable momentarily.  For 20 minutes I am 13 again full of dreams and bright ideas.  I went all cheesy on you didn’t I?  So why start reviewing Naruto today you ask.  I decided to start reviewing Naruto because of issues I was having with this summer’s anime season.  I have dropped every show I started watching except for Kokoro Connect and Sword Art Online.  I feel the need to review something else besides Kokoro Connect so I thought why not Naruto.  At the least it will give me something to poke fun at so lets get to the review.  Ugh, of course I had to pick a Sakura episode to start my Naruto Reviews on.  This ought to be boring right? (more…)