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Inu X Boku SS is over, the final of the anime I was reviewing this winter.  It had a very cute ending.  Despite the age difference Ririchiyo and Soushi confess to each other and become an item.  It was nice to see the whole cast in the last episode.  I got my share of Karuta who is my favorite!  Now it is time for me to give Inu X Boku a short full series review.


David Production did a good job with the animation, although it did have its share of shortcuts where the animation looks messy.  The backgrounds were always consistently pretty and well done.  The strongest aspect of the animation was the character designs.  Everyone looked great and all the female characters were really cute.



The characters are a mixed bag, some I loved and some I didn’t.  Ririchiyo and Soushi were not the strongest main characters, but it was really nice to seem them develop over time.  They weren’t bad but I really wish they gave Karuta more screen time.



Inu X Boku’s opening was nothing special but I really loved all of the different endings throughout the series.  They were really able to portray the characters that were singing them.  The voice acting was cast very well, everyone sounded like they should.



The plot is where Inu X Boku suffers; it doesn’t really have much of one.  What takes place is more of a coming of age story for both Ririchiyo and Soushi.  The point of the story was to focus their relationship and overall it was a little boring.


Overall Inu X Boku wasn’t the most interesting of the 2012 winter anime, but it still had some great moments.


Thank you for reading all you lovely and beautiful people 🙂



For once I was actually able to predict something correctly in an anime.  We find out in episode 11 of Inu X Boku that it was in fact Soushi who was writing letter to Ririchiyo for all those years.  Most of the episode focused on Soushi with flashbacks of his past.  We found some interesting things about his past and how he became part of Kagerou family.

Overall it was very cute episode, I can’t wait to see the conclusion.  I wonder if Soushi and Ririchiyo will become a couple, actually maybe not she is only 16 and I have no idea how old he is.  At the least they gave each other’s lives meaning which may be enough for each other.


Thanks for reading even thought that was way to short.  Don’t worry expect my reviews for the next season to be actually long!




Episode 10 of Inu X Boku SS actually had some substance to it.  Kagerou is back, and he seems to be interested in spending time with Ririchiyo.  He even kidnaps her, and forces her to go to dinner with him.  He constantly is spouting semi-funny lines about S&M.  He also gave all the characters S&M themed gifts, what does he expect the characters to use them for.  Ririchiyo, you better run fast, I don’t even want to think what Kagerou would do to you if you ever married him.

Well Soushi is keeping a big secret, so big that he even got in a fight with Kagerou over it.  I bet I know what it is.  I am guessing that Soushi is probably the one who was writing to Ririchiyo in the past and not Kagerou.  That is probably why Soushi keeps saying he knows Ririchiyo when she had never met him.  Also when Soushi asks if she loves Kagerou and she says no he gets angry and says she has been giving mixed signals.


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I am going to cheat quickly again and review episode 9 of Anu Natsu, episode 9 of Inu X Boku, and episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter all in one quick post.  After this post I am going back to episodic reviews.  I think I took too much on with reviewing 5 series a week; I’m not going to do that again haha.

Ano Natsu was dumb this week.  Pretty much Kai accepts Ichika for being an alien.  They say some dumb and cheesy things and then they kiss a lot.  This is a great example of why this winter season of anime sucks, ugh; next season had better be less crappy.  It looks like Mio is going to be the one left out because Tetsuro comes to her side when she is crying about Kai loving Ichika.  She keeps saying she loves Kai, love is a pretty strong word to be throwing out about someone you haven’t even dates.  Girllll you know nothing about love.

There was one good thing about Inu X Boku SS and that is next weeks episode will have Kagerou!!!  I found him funny the first time, hopefully he won’t get on my nerves when he spewing his masochist/sadist bullshit.  I don’t understand why this episode was dragged out so much, I wish Ririchiyo and Soushi could just drink their coffee together.  The thing is I bet the whole coffee tea thing will be dragged out until the end of the series, dumb.

Please don’t ask me what happened in episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter, I have no idea.  There was a lot of awesome action though J.  I think they may have developed the plot a little further but I don’t understand it. There are only two episodes left now which is unfortunate because I do like the series, but it feels so rushed.  Could they only get a budget for 8 episodes?  The series would have probably been better off continuing from the point the OVA left off instead of trying to retell the story.

Well thanks for reading, and thank you tumblr for making my life easy.


It was midterm week at school so I am pretty far behind on my episodic reviews. I am also now writing for so all my time this week spent on reviews was for them.  Today I will be reviewing Another episode 8, Ano Natsu episode 8, Inu X Boku episode 8 and Black Rock Shooter episode 5 all in one post.

(its a watermelon)

It was a relaxing episode of Another this week and also the beach episode.  Some of the characters went to the beach in search of Katsumi Matsunaga the only man successful of stopping the curse many years ago.  The episode really focused on character just having fun.  It was nice to see everyone having a little bit of fun for once, well until the end.  They killed of some nameless character just for some shock value at the end.  It was really funny how the episode kept setting up for character death, but they never happened until the end.

Ano Natsu de Matteru finally had some alien revelation in episode 8.  Some alien thing came out of the sky to try to take Ichika home.  Guess what, Kai goes after it with a stick shouting something about protecting the one he loves.  It was cheesy and really attacks an alien thingy with a stick, good luck.  On a side note Tetsurō and Mio kiss by accident, it was cute I hope they stay together.

Episode 8 of Inu X Boku SS was rather dull.  Nothing much happened.  The whole episode was spent with Ririchiyo trying to ask Soushi out for tea.  It is finally revealed that Soushi is not able to do anything but serve others…Yawn.  Give me more Karuta and give me more Kagerou.

Black Rock Shooter episode 5 was pretty interesting.  There was a lot more action then they episode before which was a nice change.  I am pretty confused on the overall plot of this series but I love the flashy action scenes.  The big revelation is if Yuu is really alive or just part of Mato’s imagination.

Thank for reading this review, I promise next week I will get back to the episodic reviews.


Episode 7 of Inu X Boku SS started out with potential but nothing really came out of it.  Some type of demon attacks the mansion, which results in it going into a lockdown mode where different characters are stranded in separate rooms.  I thought there was going to be a showdown with the demon or maybe even Kagerou would come to the rescue everyone but instead none of that happened.  The demon turned out to be piggyback monsters…all they did was jump on the characters backs.

Damn Ririchiyo, just say it.  Most of the episode 7 focuses on Ririchiyo trying to thank Soushi for taking care of her.  Why can’t she just say thank you, it is not that hard, and I’ll prove it.  I want to thank my parents for taking care of me and paying for my college tuition.  I want to thank my girlfriend for dealing with all of my strange antics.  I want to thank my medication for keeping me normal, okay I am kidding about the last one.  What I am trying to say is that it’s not that hard to say thank you.  She finally says it near the end of the episode but it is just unnecessary a whole episode had to be designated to this.

So nothing really happened in episode 7…  I don’t really have much to talk about so I am just going to point out a couple of thing that I found cute throughout the episode.  Karuta found herself an endless refrigerator.  It fits her personality perfectly; she was able to cook delicious looking food.  Banri found himself an endless staircase so he could work out to impress Karuta.  Well I hope episode 8 will offer a little more then the 7th episode.  I really hope that Kagerou will be back but its not looking good due to the preview.

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Hmmm Karuta is a space cadet isn’t she?  She is constantly in her own world but is also able to observe what is going on in the real world most of the time.  Episode 6 of Inu X Boku SS focuses on Karuta and her relationship with both Banri and Ririchiyo instead or the normal Ririchiyo and Soushi relationship.

Karuta was extremely adorable throughout the episode much more so than Ririchiyo is, and it’s to bad her classmates think she is weird.  Episode 6 proves that she is a very caring person who is just reserved.  I’m happy she has Banri to stick up for her; I hope they end up together as a couple in the end.  It’s nice to see that Ririchiyo is able to open up to someone besides Soushi.  She is able to get over her pride and give Karuta some food and in return Karuta saves her from a water demon that attacks her.

I am upset that again there was an alternate ending theme that wasn’t translated.  I don’t want to have to buy the anime from Sentai just to see the translated version. I really should be reviewing this show every couple of week because I don’t have too much to say about it.  Overall the episode was good, a little slow but Karuta made up for it.  I probably would prefer the series if it focused on her instead of Ririchiyo.  I look forward to next week episode; I hope Kagerou will be back with his crazy humor.

Thanks for reading, I’m sorry it was so short.

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