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Episode 2 of Hyouka was able to prove that Oreki has amazing detective skills.  However small and insignificant the mystery is, he can probably solve it.  Episode 2 had none of this made up recruitment poster nonsense; Oreki actually solved a rather hard mystery with a little help from Chitanda.  I never would have guessed that it was the art club that had been using the history book, but I also had very little basis to go off of; Oreki knows his own school a lot better than I do. (more…)


It being the first episode of the series here is a little synopsis of Hyouka.  Oreki Hotaro is a boy who doesn’t like to get involved with anything.  He likes to live an energy saving type of life style. Upon his sister request he joins the Classical Literature club which has no other members.   He does this to make sure the club doesn’t die. He thinks he will be the only member but he soon finds out a girl named Chitanda Eru has also joined the club “for her own reasons.”  Oreki, Chitanda, and Oreki’s friend Fukabe a boy who is a database for useless knowledge all become apart of the classical literature club, but there is more, a mystery awaits…  (more…)