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Gyo Review From The Vault

Posted: April 12, 2012 by Xana in From the Vault, Gyo
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Here is my second from the vault review.  It was originally posted on 3/3/2012, which isn’t actually that long ago.  Here is the original link with pictures.

While the spring season slowly crawls closer, meaning episodic reviews for me, I thought I would review another anime.  It is time to review Gyo, one of studio Ufotable newest 70 minute long OVAs.  It is loosely based off a manga by the same name, and I mean it’s loosely based.  The manga has a different protagonist then the OVA and different events take place between the two.  Lets start of with a synopsis of the OVA, don’t worry there are no spoilers.  (more…)