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I have put it off long enough so here are my thoughts on episode 7 of Black Rock Shooter.  I have such ADD when it comes to this series, I can’t pay attention to anything the girls of the show are spouting out at me.  I really want to mute my computer when I am watching, and just watch the action to dumb conversation.  I have a feeling this show is trying to be as emotional as Madoka and it is a complete fail.  I feel nothing for these girls; I don’t understand how these middle school girls can have so much pain within them.

Whatever, lets talk about the animation of this episode which was freaking amazing.  Black Rock Shooter fighting Strength, all the bullets and explosions, it was just great.  It was the best episode action and animation wise, but I found myself very bored throughout.  I kept checking my computer to see how much time was left in the episode.  I not really sure why, maybe I have just had it with the Noitamina anime. (after I just watched 17 episodes of Guilty Crown a few days ago)  I feel like they aren’t focusing enough on the story of both of the series, and I find myself very confused with so many questions.  Noitamina is a programming block that is supposed to air non-otaku anime, or anime that isn’t aimed at the teenager, 13-18 age group.  What happened, I’ve heard their ratings are down because people don’t want shows like Black Rock Shooter or Guilty crown.  Well, I think Noitamina understand that its people don’t want these series because it the spring season we get to look forward to Sakamichi no Apollon and Tsuritama which actually look great.

I guess I went on a little bit of a tangent there.  Next week is the last episode, it seems like Yomi has remembered Mato, and Dead Master has come back to life.  There will probably be some kind of happy reunion that will disappoint me, whatever please prove me wrong Black Rock Shooter.


I am going to cheat quickly again and review episode 9 of Anu Natsu, episode 9 of Inu X Boku, and episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter all in one quick post.  After this post I am going back to episodic reviews.  I think I took too much on with reviewing 5 series a week; I’m not going to do that again haha.

Ano Natsu was dumb this week.  Pretty much Kai accepts Ichika for being an alien.  They say some dumb and cheesy things and then they kiss a lot.  This is a great example of why this winter season of anime sucks, ugh; next season had better be less crappy.  It looks like Mio is going to be the one left out because Tetsuro comes to her side when she is crying about Kai loving Ichika.  She keeps saying she loves Kai, love is a pretty strong word to be throwing out about someone you haven’t even dates.  Girllll you know nothing about love.

There was one good thing about Inu X Boku SS and that is next weeks episode will have Kagerou!!!  I found him funny the first time, hopefully he won’t get on my nerves when he spewing his masochist/sadist bullshit.  I don’t understand why this episode was dragged out so much, I wish Ririchiyo and Soushi could just drink their coffee together.  The thing is I bet the whole coffee tea thing will be dragged out until the end of the series, dumb.

Please don’t ask me what happened in episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter, I have no idea.  There was a lot of awesome action though J.  I think they may have developed the plot a little further but I don’t understand it. There are only two episodes left now which is unfortunate because I do like the series, but it feels so rushed.  Could they only get a budget for 8 episodes?  The series would have probably been better off continuing from the point the OVA left off instead of trying to retell the story.

Well thanks for reading, and thank you tumblr for making my life easy.


It was midterm week at school so I am pretty far behind on my episodic reviews. I am also now writing for so all my time this week spent on reviews was for them.  Today I will be reviewing Another episode 8, Ano Natsu episode 8, Inu X Boku episode 8 and Black Rock Shooter episode 5 all in one post.

(its a watermelon)

It was a relaxing episode of Another this week and also the beach episode.  Some of the characters went to the beach in search of Katsumi Matsunaga the only man successful of stopping the curse many years ago.  The episode really focused on character just having fun.  It was nice to see everyone having a little bit of fun for once, well until the end.  They killed of some nameless character just for some shock value at the end.  It was really funny how the episode kept setting up for character death, but they never happened until the end.

Ano Natsu de Matteru finally had some alien revelation in episode 8.  Some alien thing came out of the sky to try to take Ichika home.  Guess what, Kai goes after it with a stick shouting something about protecting the one he loves.  It was cheesy and really attacks an alien thingy with a stick, good luck.  On a side note Tetsurō and Mio kiss by accident, it was cute I hope they stay together.

Episode 8 of Inu X Boku SS was rather dull.  Nothing much happened.  The whole episode was spent with Ririchiyo trying to ask Soushi out for tea.  It is finally revealed that Soushi is not able to do anything but serve others…Yawn.  Give me more Karuta and give me more Kagerou.

Black Rock Shooter episode 5 was pretty interesting.  There was a lot more action then they episode before which was a nice change.  I am pretty confused on the overall plot of this series but I love the flashy action scenes.  The big revelation is if Yuu is really alive or just part of Mato’s imagination.

Thank for reading this review, I promise next week I will get back to the episodic reviews.


Sorry its really late

When did Black Rock Shooter become such an angst-ridden pre-teen girl drama?  It is almost unbearable to watch at some points and there is much too much melodrama.  I want to see more action, more of this artsy action packed “alternate” world, which has been pushed to the side.  On that subject is it just me or has the alternate world started to loose its charm?  The overall animation quality looks worse than it did in the first couple episodes.

Saya is really messing with these poor girls.  I wonder what she has to do with the “alternate world.”  She said that no one needs Yomi, it really messed with her head.  She needs to stop putting drugs in the girl’s drinks; it’s making everything worse.    Well Kagari seems like she has turned around nicely except for the fact that she is a complete bitch.  She was able to make her own friends, which led her to leave Yomi behind.

After episode 4 I find myself hating Yomi.  She needs to toughen up.  Maybe Mato should pay more attention to her but it is in no way her fault.  I would never expect my friends to only want me as their friend.  She is being way to jealous and she needs to learn to be less self-centered and think about others for a change.

Well that’s episode 4 for you.  I hope there will be some kind of action packed showdown in episode 5.  Until next week thanks for reading.

Creepy, that Saya character is messed up; there are some alternate motives at work here.  Episode three of Black Rock Shooter wasn’t a particularly good episode, but it wasn’t terrible.  Barely any of the episode took place within the alternate world, but instead focused more on drama within Mato’s school.

Wow, what cruel and jealous people go to Mato’s middle school.  First of all Yomi looks like she will become a control freak, she is really upset over the fact that Mato has a best friend that isn’t her.  Mato and Yuu have been friends since kindergarten, does she expect that she is going to be Mato’s best friend within such a short time Anyway she has Kagari as a best friend.  On that subject it seems Kagari is no longer crazy, she has made a full recovery and is walking again.  From what it looks like she is going to be a lot more of a friendly girl, to my dismay, she was a super creeper.

I can’t believe what they did to Arata who is the captain of the basketball team.  She confesses to a boy she likes buy writing a love letter and buying him a gift.  The boys and his friends post the love letter on the bulletin board for the whole school to see.  It now looks like Arata will become the newest character to be possessed in the alternate world.

There is something up with the student counselor named Saya, there were three out of place things I noticed in episode 3.  First she has a class roster with certain girls including Yomi and Mato circled.  This really wouldn’t have meant anything to me if the following events didn’t happened.  Saya keeps trying to get Yomi to come talk to her in the counselor’s office.  When Yomi asks for coffee with lots sugar she gives her black coffee on purpose, weird.  The last and strangest thing that happened was right after Arata love letter was put on the bulletin board.  She starts saying very cruel things to her like, the whole school is laughing at you.  This throws Arata over the edge and later that day she falls over in pain and becomes unconscious.

I wonder what episode four will bring.  Mato has been having dreams of the alternate world, I wonder if she will be thrown into that world next episode.  The anime series is a definite improvement on the OVA, which I did enjoy.  What the show is lacking for me is how are the writers going to tie the real world and the alternate world together.  The OVA was rather vague in that aspect, I hope they can change it around and give some real meaning to this alternate world.

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Black Rock Shooter ep 2 review

Posted: February 11, 2012 by Xana in Black Rock Shooter


I am not normally scared when it comes to anime but episode 2 of Black Rock Shooter, “The Sky Embracing Dawn”, was terrifying.  Kagari Izuriha is a demon, and she makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.  The actions scenes throughout were awesome, even though there was a robot that was shooting giant macaroons.


I want to focus on Kagari Izuriha character.  She is exactly the kind of character “Another” (the anime) needs to stay relevant and frightening.  She is a controlling psychopathic bitch.  I have met people like her (not completely to her extent), they cling on to a person and try to control every aspect of their life.  They will belittle that person; make them feel like all they have is you.  I really feel bad for Yomi, she thinks it’s her fault that Kagari ended up in the wheelchair when isn’t at all.  I can’t believe to what extent Kagari will go to control Yomi.  She throws herself down the stairs to try to prove that Yomi must take care of her forever.


Maybe Black Rock Shooter is taking itself too seriously.  Everything is so overdramatized.  There is this weird tension at the most random of times.  It makes the most normal of setting into an end-of-the-world ordeal.  I don’t know if that’s a bad thing, it makes me interested in the show.

(私は亀が好き) she said!

The “Alternate World” action sequences were really cool.  I really love how the show keeps switching in and out of the two worlds.  I don’t have much more to say. In conclusion I really have liked the first 2 episodes of Black Rock Shooter, I hope it stays relevant.


Thanks for reading! thank you Lacey for being my editor

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Black★Rock Shooter episode 1

Posted: February 4, 2012 by Xana in Black Rock Shooter

Its February third meaning the highly anticipated Black★Rock Shooter series aired today on the noitaminA block.  I expected the series to follow up on what happened at the end of the original OVA, when Yuu starts to act weird, but it did not.  Instead you are thrown into a world with the same characters as before but with subtle differences.


The episode starts in the “alternate world” with Black Rock Shooter fighting against an unknown red-eyed opponent.  Meanwhile, in the human world Mato Kuroi enters junior high school.  She takes an interest in a girl by the name of Yomi Takanashi.  They quickly become friends due to common interests.  One day Yomi invites Mato over too her house.  A girl in a wheelchair by the name of Kagari Izuriha also comes over to Yomi’s house.  Kagari acts hostile towards Mato because she wants to be Yomi’s one and only friend.  Mato becomes frightened by Kagari actions and goes home and cries.  Meanwhile in the “alternate world” Black Rock Shooter follows a trail to a strange area where she is attacked by a large mechanical scorpion-like creature.  A girl who resembles Kagari also known as Chariot, pilots the creature.  Back in the real world Mato talks to the student counselor about Kagari.  Feeling better she invites Yomi to come to a festival with her.  Back in the “alternate world” Black Rock Shooter tries to counter attack against Chariot.  She becomes bound with chains by a woman known as Dead Master and then the episode ends.


There were many minor differences between the OVA and episode 1.  It doesn’t start where the OVA left off but retells the beginning story with a twist.  Black Rock Shooter is not only fighting Dead Master but also a new character by the name of Chariot.  Yuu is barely seen throughout the episode despite her large amount of screen time in the OVA.  At the end of the OVA she starts to act the same way Yomi did right before she was possessed.  I figured the series would focus on Mato and Yuu’s relationship instead of a retelling of the story.  More differences include the fact that Yomi is no longer in the volleyball club; she is now a very good artist who spends her days afterschool at the art club.

(She is the daughter of the devil…)

Three new characters where introduced in the episode, two of which are important.  Chariot, is Kagari’s dark persona that lives in the “alternate world.”  We don’t know much about her but she rides a giant scorpion that looks like it would be straight out of Code Lyoko.  Kagari as a character is frightening; she is a creepy control freak who wants Yomi all to herself.

The animation is great in an unconventional way and is the episodes strongest feature.  The “alternate world” is full of interesting shapes and structures mixed with lots of blues and blacks. As I said when I reviewed the OVA it looks similar to the witch worlds of Modoka Magica, without all the cutout features you find in that series.

The first episode’s weakest aspect is its story; it doesn’t really have much of a plot.  It’s a typical slice of life anime interlaced with scenes of action.  The core story is Mato trying to become Yomi’s friend and not much more.  The funny thing is that Black Rock Shooter may be the most frightening anime of the winter season; Kagari’s role in the story makes me shiver.  She is a devil and completely breaks apart Mato mentality.

Overall I liked the first episode, what it lacked in story depth it made up for with great animation.  I hope the series develops a stronger plot and develops the characters further.  I have high hopes for this series and I hope it stays strong.

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