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I have to be honest with you guys, this episode was a complete and total disappointment. Through out the vast majority of the episode Felicita, Liberta, and Nova were trying reunite a very cute kitten with its owner. These episodes can be done tastefully, in which there is palpable character, and plot development. In this episode there was neither. In the very beginning there was a flashback to when Felicita first joined the Arcana Famiglia, and how she became head of the sector known as “Sword.” It was a useless and pointless scene, and that is coming from a person who actually likes flashbacks. (more…)


What?! A review from Lykos?? This is craziness! Haha, I’m pretty sure that’s what you all must be thinking, and for good reason!

Very first impression of Arcana Famiglia: pleasantly surprised. I was extremely worried that it was going to be one of those reverse harems that I love so much (sarcasm), but the animation was stellar, and I’m kinda liking all these male characters. Though I do worry about a main cast that is so big, but if the writers can actually tastefully develop all the characters and the relationships between them then we could have a decent fantasy/action anime on our hands folks. That would make me jubilant (working on my vocab XD), I’m a huge fan of anime haling from the action and fantasy genres. (more…)