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Well Another is over, at least until May when episode 0 comes out.  Hopefully it will tie up a couple of the loose ends.  Overall episode 12 was not a disappointment.  It was violent, action packed and able to sum up the story properly.  I wasn’t surprised with the ending because Rei from Wan Abrar was able to predict it properly.  Reiko was in fact the “other person” and it makes perfect sense.  Only class 3-3 had an extra teacher.  I was impressed that Koichi had it in him to kill his aunt with a pic ax it was pretty crazy.  Well it is now time for me to do what I did for Black Rock Shooter and give Another a quick full series review.


P.A. Works knows what they are doing when it comes to animation.  Their attention to details is spectacular.  Another has some of the most realistic looking backgrounds I have ever seen.  Another’s character were also great, especially the leads who are al very attractive.



One problem with Another is at some points it is hard to figure out who is who.  Random characters are thrown at you and you really have no time to get to know them before they are killed off.  Another problem is the characters are never developed well.  You never get to know much about them, and I never felt upset when the characters are killed off.



I personally didn’t like Another’s opening and ending themes, they could have done better.  P.A. works probably spent all their budget money on animation and had nothing left for the openings.  On a different note Another’s background music did a great job portraying the mood of the anime.  Sometimes I felt scared during the anime just because of the background music. The voice actors also did a great job with their parts.


Another has very slow pacing until the end where it is a complete shit show.  I personally liked the slow pace, it reminded me a lot of Shiki, but others could get bored.  Overall Another has an interesting plot but sometimes it isn’t executed well.  It can be confusing at times but overall it is a strong story.  There are some plot holes but hopefully they will be explained in episode 0.


Overall Another is a bloody anime with elements of horror.  It can be confusing at times and it does have plot holes but overall I recommend watching if not just for the beautiful animation.



Episode 11 of Another was by far the bloodiest of them all.  So many people are dead.  There was nothing but misunderstandings; everyone now thinks that Mei is the dead one.  One of the girls says she went to school with Mei when she was younger and she had no eye patch.  She had gone to school with Mei’s twin sister, which no one else knows about.  In conclusions the characters are trying to kill themselves over nothing at all.

At this point I think the best conclusion would be if Akazawa were the dead one.  It would be so funny if the head of countermeasures turns out to be the dead, then everything would be her fault.  Next Monday is the final episode of Another (except for an OVA) so we should find out who tis actually dead.  I hope at least a couple of characters will survive; they really went on a killing rampage this episode.  I don’t have much more to say, I can’t wait till Monday, we are going to get some answers.


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Damn Izumi Akazawa, way to be a bitch.  She had no right to blame everything Misaki.  Well, we find out some important news this week, Misaki had a twin. (who probably was the first person to die from the curse)  Everyone thinks it is Misaki’s fault for talking to Koichi but the curse probably started before Koichi even joined the class.  Well I don’t have to worry, I bet Akazawa will get what she disserves.

The tape from last episode got fixed and it states the obvious.  One way to stop the curse is to kill someone who is already dead.  That is how Katsumi Matsunaga had stopped the curse in 1983, he got into a fight with the dead student and by mistake a branch impaled him.  When he tried to tell the rest of his students about what he had done, no one had any memory about the dead student.

At the end of the episode we found out that Naoya Teshigawara probably had killed another student. (Way to interrupt when Misaki was about to tell us who was dead)  I wonder it will be a bloodbath next episode.  I hope at least some members of class 3-3 will survive; we only have 2 episodes left to go.

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Midterms are almost over, doesn’t mean I’m any less busy.  Another episode 9 was a good one.  We find out that Nakoa (I guess that was his name) probably was already dead before the boat ever hit him.  They speculate he fell down the stairs earlier that day and because he didn’t go to the hospital and he suffered probably some kind of brain trauma.  That means the curse likely won’t affect the students outside the town limits.

I would kill Teshigawara if I were apart of class 3-3.  How do you break a tape?  He could have saved the whole class.  Why were the rest of the kids so calm after the tape broke…this show is so unbelievable.  No one would be acting so calm.

They killed off some no name characters again.  What I really need is a character guide for this series.  There are some many underdeveloped characters, which have no names.  I can’t keep them all straight.  Some girl I think we saw once dies, also some kid we saw for the first time died.  Am I supposed to care, because I don’t.  Maybe if they killed off one of the important character it would be a different story.

Thanks for reading, I know its short.  Check out my new review on Wan Abrar in the link below.


It was midterm week at school so I am pretty far behind on my episodic reviews. I am also now writing for so all my time this week spent on reviews was for them.  Today I will be reviewing Another episode 8, Ano Natsu episode 8, Inu X Boku episode 8 and Black Rock Shooter episode 5 all in one post.

(its a watermelon)

It was a relaxing episode of Another this week and also the beach episode.  Some of the characters went to the beach in search of Katsumi Matsunaga the only man successful of stopping the curse many years ago.  The episode really focused on character just having fun.  It was nice to see everyone having a little bit of fun for once, well until the end.  They killed of some nameless character just for some shock value at the end.  It was really funny how the episode kept setting up for character death, but they never happened until the end.

Ano Natsu de Matteru finally had some alien revelation in episode 8.  Some alien thing came out of the sky to try to take Ichika home.  Guess what, Kai goes after it with a stick shouting something about protecting the one he loves.  It was cheesy and really attacks an alien thingy with a stick, good luck.  On a side note Tetsurō and Mio kiss by accident, it was cute I hope they stay together.

Episode 8 of Inu X Boku SS was rather dull.  Nothing much happened.  The whole episode was spent with Ririchiyo trying to ask Soushi out for tea.  It is finally revealed that Soushi is not able to do anything but serve others…Yawn.  Give me more Karuta and give me more Kagerou.

Black Rock Shooter episode 5 was pretty interesting.  There was a lot more action then they episode before which was a nice change.  I am pretty confused on the overall plot of this series but I love the flashy action scenes.  The big revelation is if Yuu is really alive or just part of Mato’s imagination.

Thank for reading this review, I promise next week I will get back to the episodic reviews.


What a bloody mess class 3-3 has turned into.  As a whole they are starting to become frantic, will it bring out the worst in them, only time will tell.  I wish you luck class 3-3, I believe you can stop the curse and find the one who is actually dead.

What a way to start off the episode with Mr. Kubodera committing suicide in front of the entire class 3-3 and damn, it was bloody.  He took a knife and continually drove it into is neck until he was dead and the class was covered in his blood.  The look of terror on the students in the class was horrifying.  The animators did a good job with portraying horror within the eyes and the mouths of the characters.  The students looked truly terrified.

It looks like both Koichi and Mei will no longer be ignored.  The countermeasures have failed; the members of class 3-3 are screwed, or are they?  It looks like one of the former class 3-3 found away to stop the curse mid-year.  One of the students of class 3-3 told his sister about the curse.  She did some snooping around and got some information out of a town drunk who was a former member of class 3-3.  He said he had been to one to save the class midyear.  He could no longer recall what he had done.  All that is known is that class 3-3 of that year had visited a specific shrine that year and then the death of the students stopped.

So the students are going on vacation next week, and by the previews it’s going to be a beach episode…  From what I have seen of Another I highly doubt that this episode fill turn into a fan-service-fest but I always worry when it comes to the beach, it brings out the worst in anime.  The students are going on this vacation in hopes they can stop the curse and try to recreate whatever the town drunk had done.  The class is counting on the members of the class all showing up on the trip.  Certain members of the class have left the town and gone into hiding.  I would probably be on of those kids if I was a member of class 3-3, the whole curse shit would freak me out.

Who is dead?  That’s the big question.  Mei in episode 7 confirms that Koichi is no longer a suspect.  Can we believe her?  I have no idea.  I am now suspicious that Mei could be the dead one because she is so sure it isn’t Koichi.  This ether means she knows who the extra student in the class is or it is in fact herself.

I don’t understand why the student would immediately go back to school after their teacher has just murdered himself in front of the whole class.  That is a traumatizing experience.  I would expect the student to get at least a little time off from school.  Why are their no therapists, I know if this event had taken place in my junior high school I would be fucked up in the head afterwards but instead it seems like Koichi and the others go on as if nothing has happened.

Episode 7 was a blood but good episode; probably the best we have seen so far.  I can’t wait to see what happens next week.  Hopefully class 3-3 can figure out how to stop this curse as soon as possible. Who do you think is the member of class 3-3 that is actually dead?  Leave a comment underneath, I am interested who others think it is.

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Another episode 6 had the shock value the last episode lacked.  The show continues to be slow pace but this episode was an improvement on the last one.  I have a strange relationship with the series, it seems like one episode I am complaining about the series and the next episode I am praising it.

(I’m sorry)

Well the first important thing we learn is that Mei was completely fine with being the member of the class who is isolated.  She is very selfless, and she gave up her life in order to save the life of her classmates.  The students of class 3-3 almost had a year where the deaths didn’t happen.  They had the exact class count until Koichi joined the class.  The big question is that what member of class 3-3 is the one who is actually dead.  I speculate that there is a small chance that Koichi is that guy.  His father calls him and says something interesting; he asked how he liked living in Yomiyama for the first time in a couple years.  Koichi had no recollection that he ever lived in this town.  Mei also has a special eye, which makes her able to see which member of the class is dead.  She refuses to tell Koichi who it is.

(Yes they have)

Its sad how Mei’s mom treats her.  She says she is only another one of her dolls.  It would completely suck to be all alone in life so I am happy that Mei and Koichi have found each other.  Koichi was pretty funny when he was daydreaming throughout the episode.  The dance scene was hilarious and Mei was adorable.  To bad it was just his daydream.

(That was cute)

Well that ending was pretty crazy; Mr. Kubodera brought a knife to class.  The preview for the next episode showed blood.  This leads me to two conclusions, ether Mr. Kubodera is going to go after another member of the class, or more likely is about to commit suicide.  The beginning of the next episode is going to be insane, I can’t wait.

(What’s going to happen)

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