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Way to go Ano Natsu, what a great ending.  Ano Natsu pushed itself into my #3 of the best anime of winter 2012.  I loved that Remon was actually part of the Men in Black; I wasn’t expecting that to ever happen.  In conclusion Ichika had to go back to her home planet but not after she touched the hearts of her friends.  I like to think that someday Kai will be able to see her again.  It is time now for me to do a quick full series review of Ano Natsu de Matteru.


J.C Staff is behind the animation, they are no P.A. Works (like Another) but this may be one of J.C. Staff’s best efforts.  The animation is very clear and very detailed at times.  The character design is strong making the characters all feel very alive.



I personally didn’t like Ano Natsu’s opening or ending very much; they were pretty typical and forgetful.  The voice actors all did a fine job.  I especially loved Remon’s voice actor.  She conveyed Remon’s weirdness perfectly.



I found myself loving most of the characters but found Kai and Ichika, the leads of the show to be disappointing.  I wanted more Kanna, I wanted more Tetsuro, and I wanted more Mio.  They were the characters that were really able to pour out their hearts throughout the show.  They were the characters I was routing for the whole time, I wanted Mio and Tetsuro to be together and Kai and Kanna to get together.  When Kai and Ichika’s relationship was taking place all I wanted were the other characters to come and make it better.



The romance was the heart and soul of this series for better or for worse.  I liked certain aspects of it and not others.  I know this show was supposed to be about aliens, but I found myself enjoying the series much better when Ano Natsu was focusing more on the human side of things.  The show was passed well and I never found myself bored, which is always a plus.


Overall Ano Natsu was a fun romantic series.  You should watch it if your looking for a fun and simple romantic comedy.  Unfortunately the side characters are a lot better then the leads.


Ano Natsu got the same score as Another, but based on personal enjoyment I like Another better, but they are both great anime to watch.


Ichika’s sister comes to bring her home but Ichika doesn’t want to go back.  Instead of acting mature and try to find a way so she could stay on earth, she acts all emo and accepts defeat before ever even trying.  Kanna yells at he her and is able to knock some sense into her.  Thye come up with some plan about finding Ichika’s “special place” from earlier in the series.  Somehow this may be able to trick the members of Ichika’s planet to letting her stay, who by the way are really racist.  Come on, Earth is a grade F planet, I don’t know what that means but it sounds terrible.  Because Earth has an F grade it is against the law for Ichika to be there.  They find Ichika’s special place on a map somehow and Remon and her van come to drive them there.  While driving they are attacked by the same things that attacked earlier in the series.

Tetsurou Asks Mio To The Movies!!! Yay it’s so cute.  I hope he isn’t just settling for her, he better have feelings for her.  If not I am going to hunt him down and beat the shit out of him.  Mio is a great girl, she may be a nudist but that doesn’t take away how nice she is.  I really hope that things truly work out between the both of the, because I have been routing for them since the beginning.

One more episode left, lets all hope the best.  I want a cute happy ending! Thanks for reading!



Episode 10 of Ano Natsu de Matteru was extremely cute and a couple of the characters showed some bravery, those characters being Kanna and Tetsuro.  It was nice that the episode didn’t focus much on Kai and Ichika for once.  Tetsuro manages to confess to Kanna, he tells he has loved her ever since they were little kids.  This gives Kanna the strength to confess to Kai.  She is turned down but she thanks Kai, and I bet she feels a lot better getting that off her chest.

The whole Ichika and Kai display of affection is not what I wanted to see.  It’s not cute.  I hope they don’t have PDA in front of the rest of the cast, especially Kanna, that would be way to cruel.  The episode ends with Ichika’s sister coming to earth, maybe that means Ichika has to leave.  Not much more happened so until next week! On a side note, the condom scene was hilarious.

-Xana (sorry it was such a short one)


I am going to cheat quickly again and review episode 9 of Anu Natsu, episode 9 of Inu X Boku, and episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter all in one quick post.  After this post I am going back to episodic reviews.  I think I took too much on with reviewing 5 series a week; I’m not going to do that again haha.

Ano Natsu was dumb this week.  Pretty much Kai accepts Ichika for being an alien.  They say some dumb and cheesy things and then they kiss a lot.  This is a great example of why this winter season of anime sucks, ugh; next season had better be less crappy.  It looks like Mio is going to be the one left out because Tetsuro comes to her side when she is crying about Kai loving Ichika.  She keeps saying she loves Kai, love is a pretty strong word to be throwing out about someone you haven’t even dates.  Girllll you know nothing about love.

There was one good thing about Inu X Boku SS and that is next weeks episode will have Kagerou!!!  I found him funny the first time, hopefully he won’t get on my nerves when he spewing his masochist/sadist bullshit.  I don’t understand why this episode was dragged out so much, I wish Ririchiyo and Soushi could just drink their coffee together.  The thing is I bet the whole coffee tea thing will be dragged out until the end of the series, dumb.

Please don’t ask me what happened in episode 6 of Black Rock Shooter, I have no idea.  There was a lot of awesome action though J.  I think they may have developed the plot a little further but I don’t understand it. There are only two episodes left now which is unfortunate because I do like the series, but it feels so rushed.  Could they only get a budget for 8 episodes?  The series would have probably been better off continuing from the point the OVA left off instead of trying to retell the story.

Well thanks for reading, and thank you tumblr for making my life easy.


It was midterm week at school so I am pretty far behind on my episodic reviews. I am also now writing for so all my time this week spent on reviews was for them.  Today I will be reviewing Another episode 8, Ano Natsu episode 8, Inu X Boku episode 8 and Black Rock Shooter episode 5 all in one post.

(its a watermelon)

It was a relaxing episode of Another this week and also the beach episode.  Some of the characters went to the beach in search of Katsumi Matsunaga the only man successful of stopping the curse many years ago.  The episode really focused on character just having fun.  It was nice to see everyone having a little bit of fun for once, well until the end.  They killed of some nameless character just for some shock value at the end.  It was really funny how the episode kept setting up for character death, but they never happened until the end.

Ano Natsu de Matteru finally had some alien revelation in episode 8.  Some alien thing came out of the sky to try to take Ichika home.  Guess what, Kai goes after it with a stick shouting something about protecting the one he loves.  It was cheesy and really attacks an alien thingy with a stick, good luck.  On a side note Tetsurō and Mio kiss by accident, it was cute I hope they stay together.

Episode 8 of Inu X Boku SS was rather dull.  Nothing much happened.  The whole episode was spent with Ririchiyo trying to ask Soushi out for tea.  It is finally revealed that Soushi is not able to do anything but serve others…Yawn.  Give me more Karuta and give me more Kagerou.

Black Rock Shooter episode 5 was pretty interesting.  There was a lot more action then they episode before which was a nice change.  I am pretty confused on the overall plot of this series but I love the flashy action scenes.  The big revelation is if Yuu is really alive or just part of Mato’s imagination.

Thank for reading this review, I promise next week I will get back to the episodic reviews.


I have no idea why I am watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, it is terrible in all the best kind of ways.  Episode 7 was over the top and ridiculous but a lot of fun to watch.  This anime is really turning into a guilty pleasure for me.

Episode 7 continues where episode 6 left off, Kaori has just confessed to Kai.  Kai turns her down but SURPRISE she never really wanted Kai, so boy had just turned her down so she thought she would try her luck with Kai.  Ugh what a dumb girl, don’t try to play with men’s hearts.  Kaori friend Arisawa is still hyperactive as ever.  She just can’t let Tetsuro go, well until Mio saves him again.

So a huge secret is revealed in episode 7.  Okay I can’t call it a secret, it was just much to ridiculous to take serious, ugh Mio.  Okay I will go out and say it, MIO IS A NUDIST and so is her whole family.  Are you kidding me, the episode build up to this?  I burst out laughing so hard, it was just caught me so off guard.  It was sad that Mio was crying and calling herself a pervert over this; it was just so dumb.  Well I guess on a more serious note she confesses to Tetsuro, we haven’t heard back yet but they would make a cute couple.

Awww Ichika and Kai are getting closer.  They held hands and walked together.  Maybe they can finally put this dumb awkwardness behind them and finally date.  They were about to kiss into Kanna broke it up.  On the subject of Kanna I just want to say I feel so bad for her.  She is loosing to Ichika when it comes to Kai.  She also got subjugated to Remon this episode.  Remon fed her some “Dynamite Drink” as its called.  I wonder if it’s the equivalent of 4 Loko or something.  Kanna gets really drunk while Renom tortures her by dressing her up in costumes.

(Poor Kanna)

Well the cast now has to go back home, their vacation is over. We now get to look forward to next week’s stereotypical festival episodes.  Overall episode 7 was fun even though it was more on the crazy side.  Next weeks episode is sure to be fun also.

Thank you for reading!!! Sincerely Yours Xana


So its 1 in the morning on Valentines Day, my roommate is starting off the festivities early, so I am locked out of my room.  Well what great way to spend my time on the couch then watching the brand-new wonderful beach episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru.  It seems like the episode got leaked early so instead of waiting for the proper release on Crunchyroll I watched it in crappy quality on some website.

(The new girls)

I will start off by saying this episode was the best so far.  This series has turned into a great little unrealistic romantic comedy.  Forget this idea of Ichika being an alien it doesn’t matter.  We get to experience the likes of 2 brand new characters, Kaori who is Kai’s future fiancé (well by her terms) and Arisawa a hyperactive girl who is in love with Tetsuro.  As you can guess Ichika, Mio and Kanna become very jealous of these new girls, which add to the drama.  Well I should start at the beginning of the episode so I can explain how we got into this mess.


Manami, Tetsuro’s older sister had tickets to Okinawa but her high school friends blew her off.  She gives the tickets to Tetsuro so he can go on vacation with all his friends.  It looks like none of the cast’s parents care about their children so they all go to Okinawa together.  The cast ranges from the age of 16-18 years old, what Japanese parent’s lets their kids go alone with members of the opposite sex to a place far away?  There are no guardians, for all the parents know they could be participating in massive orgies that will lead to teenage pregnancy or getting shit-faced like they already did in episode 2 off of Remon’s special drink.  When I was that age a couple years ago I couldn’t even have a girl in my room alone let alone go on vacation with some.


I’m happy that both Mio and Ichika are able to make moves on the men they like, but Kanna is left behind.  Kai goes for a walk with his friend form middle school Kaori, who he gets reunited with when they get to Okinawa.  Kaori has loved Kai since they were both little.  (Kai is such a stud for looking so nerdy)  Kaori bring Kai in the woods to confess to him, and Ichika and Kanna chase after.  Kanna gets lost while Ichika is able to find them in time for when Kaori confesses at the end of the episode.  Throughout the episode Arisawa is smothering Tetsuro and she even tries to get on top of him.  Luckily for the first time in the series Mio shows her love for Tetsuro and comes to his rescue.

(Kai should date her because Kanna is a bitch and Ichika is dumb)

Unfortunately this being a beach episode it took every chance it could to show off the female characters girly parts.  Ichika being an “alien” she doesn’t have a bathing suite and has borrow Kai’s sisters.  That’s the excuse the show gives for her wearing such slutty clothing.  I am really starting to like this show because it’s a lot of fun, despite the fan service. I look forward to next week’s episode.

Thanks for reading! Thank you Lacey for being my editor! Pictures are from official facebook of Ano Natsu de Matteru