Hello my name is Xana and this is my anime blog.  I have been watching anime for years and I just recently have started writing my thoughts on the newest anime to hit Japan. I am 19 and an environmental studies major at Goucher College.  I am from the lovely state of New Hampshire and I have spent most of my life there.  I blog mostly episodically but I will sometimes do full series reviews and countdowns.  So why did I name it Xanaanimereview, idk it really doesn’t have anything to do with Anime.  Xana is the supercomputer from the french series Code Lyoko.  I have just always loved the name and it has stuck with me for years. I first got into anime when I was 13 when Naruto started to air on Cartoon Network.  My favorite anime of all time is Bakemonogatari, I love it’s crazy animation and it has the best dialogue in anime.  I will watch almost anime type of anime but I’m not a fan of Yaoi or super over the top fan-service anime.  Please take look around and subscribe or comment if you would like, thank you for reading.

-Sincerely Xana


Hey, Lykos here, Xana has been kind enough to let me review anime ‘s on his blog, needless to say I’m pretty stoked. I’ve been an anime fan for many many years now, and I’m exited to try my hand at reviewing. Thanks for taking the time to read.

Yours, Lykos

  1. skyhack says:

    Nice site, Xana. Wan Abrar keeps deleting my posts, so I figured I’d tell you here. (Never been banned before!)

    Tsubaki’s camera (Mysterious Girlfriend X) is based on the Polaroid Job Pro, which had a better lens, and was “ruggedized”. Meant for outdoors mostly,

    • Xana says:

      really, the site keeps deleting your posts…i’ll talk to the admin about it. In the past we have had trouble with our catch system where it will sometimes thinks specific users are spam and delete their comments. It was happening to me a couple months ago even though I have editor status on the site…it is real weird I am sorry about that and i’ll try to get it fixed.
      I just looked up the Polaroid Job Pro, it so cool haha. They are selling them on ebay, I am a little temped to get one but I would have no idea where to get the film and stuff.
      Also thanks for saying my site is nice haha…we have been really bad about posting on it lately, all my focus has been on Wan Abrar where I am reviewing 4 series episodically..

      • skyhack says:

        Okay, so I wasn’t banned. (I thought I was so EDGY!!) Cool. Too much for an old guy like me to take.
        Anyway, the Job Pro is very cool, but film packs might be pretty high. I doubt that 25 year old packs (NOS) would be any good, since they contain the batteries, and the silver compounds in the film would probably be degraded. They are cool cameras, but I really wish I had (and could get film for) my old Kodak instant camera.

      • Xana says:

        haha you are so edgy, in conclusion girlfriend x has showed me that old cameras are so much better than this modern day crap. I wish you luck finding film for your Kodak instant.

  2. skyhack says:

    Xana, get a chance, try “Full Moon wo Sagashite”. It’s old, and has a lot of episodes, but it’s one well-crafted story, and has THE BEST ENDING EVER. Here’s what an old favorite blog says about it… http://karmaburn.com/full_moon_wo_sagashite.php

    • Xana says:

      52 episode is a lot, i could check this out though, idk if I have time to watch the whole thing, do you have any place where I could download it or stream it in good quality?

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