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Posted: September 27, 2012 by Xana in Time of Eve
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“The future, probably Japan. Robots have long been put into practical use, and androids have just come into use”

Time of eve is a six-episode ONA created by Yasuhiro Yoshiura and animated by his anime Studio Rikka.  The show was aired in Japan on Yahoo and is licensed in the United States by Crunchy Roll.  Here is the plot synopsis, a product of ANN.  In the not too distant future androids have come into common usage. Taking the androids for granted, humans treat them as if they were common everyday tools, while on the other hand, some people empathize with androids due to their human-like appearance (save for a digital ring floating above their heads). This has become a social problem and these people are frowned upon as a result. Rikuo, one who has taken androids for granted for his entire life, one day discovers that Sammy, his home android, has been acting strangely and finds a strange phrase recorded in her activity log. He, along with his friend Masaki, traces Sammy’s footsteps and come upon an unusual cafe. This cafe’s main rule is to not discriminate between humans and androids.”  It is immediate off the bat that Time of Eve is something different.  Time of Eve is much more than a simple story about robots and I will see if I can get this point across in my review.  Time of Eve is an ONA by a small studio.  The show most likely didn’t have a high budget but Studio Rikka did a good job with what they had.  The animation won’t jump out as amazing but Studio Rikka was able to make the show consistent.  They picked an overall animation quality and stuck with it.  Compared to anime from studios like Shaft and Kyoto Time of Eve will appear rather dull, and a rather dull color pallet was used.  The backgrounds throughout the episode are surprisingly detailed but the entirety of show takes place in 4 different settings so the animators really focused on those 4 places.  The character design is good but forgettable.  None of the characters designs stuck with me.  Time of Eve has many characters for a 6-episode effort, some better than others.  The protagonist goes by the name if Rikuo Sakisaka.  He is very frustrating at times due to his relationship with robots.  He is very intimidated by them and even quit playing piano because robots can play better then him.  He may get on your nerves at the beginning but over the six episode series he really grows as person, surprisingly so for a six episode anime.  Another important character is Masa.  He is very distrusting of robots due to events that happened in his childhood.  Masa is a little bit of an emotional wreck but like Rikuo he grows a lot for such a short series.  The characters that are really special in the series are the robots.  Each episode you are introduced the backstory of another robot.  Some are more thought provoking than others but all nevertheless are very well written stories.  I’m not going to get much into the music of this series.  There isn’t very much and for the most part isn’t noticeable.  For an ONA there are some well-known voice actors who do their job well.  Time of Eve is a refreshing anime that is both emotional (but not to the point of being melodramatic) and thought provoking.  A lot of the story has to do with Robots, artificial intelligences struggling with human emotions and how humans perceive and look down upon them.

Time of Eve is about people dealing with their own creations, the robots as these creations start to become their equals, and aspects, sometimes their superiors.  You get to see this through the eyes of the two human protagonists.  By the first episode Time of Eve manages to set the tone, pace, and concept of the show effectively. The following episodes largely concentrate on one or two characters, in addition too the protagonists story as well as the overarching one. Overall time of Eve is an interesting ONA that I fully recommend, so watch it everyone.

Animation Score 8/10

Character Score 8/10 

Sound Score 7/10

Plot Score 9/10

Overall 8/10

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  1. Rei says:

    Great show and a good review. A must watch definitely!

  2. mrkomoku says:

    Hmm, I am always skeptical when it comes to A.I. plots, but I will still try it.

    :says a disappearing, reappearing, random guy

  3. Good article. I definitely love this website.
    Stick with it!

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