Great second episode of Sword Art Online, this show could really turn into something.  Episode 2 as you probably know takes place a month after the events of episode 1.  20% of all the players in the game are dead, dead in Sword Art Online and dead in real life.  I bet most of the in-game characters are being super careful and barely training at all.  With my life on the line I would probably stay at the nice inn Asuna was talking about.  Maybe I would make a few friends and just spend our lives in level one, it is better than dying prematurely in my opinion.

I expect fights to occur in the future between the Beta Testers and the new players.  They are already starting to hate each other, and that guy with the dumb facial hair isn’t helping things.  I just hope it doesn’t result in the two groups slaughtering each other, which would make for one dark anime.  Speaking of dark, Kirito is looking pretty dark in his new in-game cloak.  I wonder what it does, I bet he is really happy he got that, it going to make it much harder for him to get killed within Sword Art Online.

We get introduced to Asuna for the first time this episode.  She says she is a beginner at the game but I don’t believe it.  She is much to good at the game to have never played it.  She also claimed it was her first time in a party…she is SO lying.  I’m glad Kirito and Asuma found each other; they are both loners and that is no way to go through life even if they are stuck in a video game.  I wonder if they are going to get together as a couple, some sources say this is a romance anime…so maybe.

Well it was a great episode; I can’t wait until next week.  Have a good day and thank you for reading!!!



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