Tari Tari Episode 2 Thoughts

Posted: July 11, 2012 by Xana in Tari Tari
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I am a little pressed for time so I am going to make this real quick.  I have read a little bit of shit talking about Tari Tari on the Internet but I think you haters are wrong.  Maybe the pacing felt a little weird in this episode but haters don’t call this show bland…it is so cute.  It is going to turn into such a little heart-warming series.  Also it written a lot better than some of P.A. Works other series, cough cough Another.

I love Konatsu and I was so proud of her when she got up and sang in front of everyone.  She doesn’t need a choir behind her to be great.  I am happy she is able to prove that dumb assistant principal with the stick up her ass wrong.  I am not looking forward to Stick-Up-Her-Ass being the head of the club now that the principal is in the hospital.  I just know she is going to sabotage it.

The one thing that felt weird about this episode was that 1 episode was devoted to such a long period of time.  Not only is the club started in this episode but they also have their first recital, it probably should have been split up into 2 separate episodes but it could have gotten a little boring.

I look forward to episode 3, thanks for reading!!!!



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