Tasogare Otome X Amnesia Episode 11 and 12 Thoughts

Posted: July 8, 2012 by Xana in Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

All of these were written for WanAbrar.  I am compiling them here just so I have them.  Enjoy!

Episode 11

I really liked the scene with Yukko and Teiichi talking to each other over the notebook.  The flowers were a nice artistic touch.  The talking over the notebooks was able to convey the atmosphere of the episode perfectly.  You could tell how lonely both the characters are and how much they miss each other.  It was very cute when Yukko traced her hand so Teiichi could touch it.  Yuuko is not able to see and touch Teiichi during this scene but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to have the same relationship they always had.  I really loved this scene…well until Yukko started to freak out and left.

So I am wondering, how exactly did Teiichi get Yuuko’s attention by smashing everything?  It was the reason that Yuuko was able to finally see Teiichi again, it just seemed weird to me.  I wasn’t expecting at all when it was revealed that because Yuuko saved Asa, Teiichi was born.  Asa was Teiichi’s grandmother.  Yuuko’s sacrifice was well worth it.  Because she was killed she was able to fall in love…hopefully their relationship and love will remain.

I have a bad feeling.  I think now that Yuuko has come to terms with her pain and is finally happy, she will disappear.  I can see the ending being a little similar to a certain amazing anime that came out in 2011. I won’t name names.  I guess we can probably expect a bittersweet ending from this series.  I really hope that Yuuko and Teiichi will be able to stay together but I am expecting a sad ending.

Episode 12

Are you kidding me?  I want to pretend those last 5 minutes of this episode didn’t happen.  I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me but I hated the ending of Dusk Maiden.  Why did they have to let Yuuko come back?  It was such an emotional scene when they say their goodbyes and have their final kiss but it is all ruined now because she doesn’t end up disappearing.  I expected more of you Shin Onuma. I highly doubt there will be a second season of this show so why couldn’t you end it like I wanted it to end.  I would have forgiven all the fan-service and said that this was a truly good series if you had ended it in an emotional way instead of just bringing her back.  Oh well, I guess I never expected them to get rid of Yukko forever…

Way to be selfish Yukko.  You could have disappeared and let Teiichi live a normal, wonderful life but in the end you possess him.  How do you expect him to stay with you forever???  You can’t leave school property.  What is he going to be a 28 year old creeping in the high school at night to visit you?  What about when he is 74 years old, are you going to love an old man?  How do you expect to have kids with him?  What are you going to do when he goes to college? Or what if he is forced to move?  Okay I’m done asking questions.  I guess in conclusion I am happy that Yukko and Teiichi were able to stay together (although I do feel bad for Kirie, I think he should have picked her).  I hope they have a wonderful life and I am glad that they proved that love doesn’t have boundaries, even if one of you is a 75-year-old ghost.

I did this last season with my reviews on my personal blog so I thought I would do it again.  Here is a short full series review.


The animation direction throughout Dusk Maiden was brilliant.  Shin Onuma really put himself into the series.  The series visually looks like something Studio Shaft would have done and has many similarities with Shin Onuma’s most famous works, E.F. A Tale of Memories/Melodies.  The sunsets and sky throughout this series is breathtaking and shadows are used throughout the series to portray scenes and emotions perfectly.  Overall amazing animation, good job Silver Link.



There are really only 4 characters is Dusk Maiden.  Teiichi was a fine protagonist; he was a nice guy with good intensions.  Sometimes I found him a little boring and a little too nice.  Yuuko on the other hand was a little bit of a turn off for me, she was annoying at some points and the way she said Teiichi’s name got on my nerves.  I also wish she didn’t strip so much…Momoe was really dumb and she added some humor to the show but Like Yuuko she would get on my nerves sometimes.  Kirie was probably my favorite character in the series.  She acted tough but was really crying on the inside.  She was a complex character for the little bit of time spent on her, I wish there had been more.  Overall I guess I would say the characters are a mixed bag, no one is terrible at least.



The background music is mostly classical style music consisting of violins and pianos.  It becomes prevalent during dramatic scene and it helps heighten the mood.  The opening and ending are also very dramatic, and fit the later part of the series well.  The voice actors are all pretty strong, Yumi Hara being the best.  She was able to portray the cute flirty Yukko, and the serious Yukko both perfectly.



The first half of the anime is spent focusing on the daily lives of the characters acting silly with a bunch of fan service.  It isn’t until the second half where the plot about Yukko and her memories really kicks in and the series gets good.  The second half almost makes up for the beginning until the conclusion, which I have issues with.  Overall Dusk Maiden is a decent romance between and typical guy and ghost, it manages to have some very heartfelt moments but there are also plenty of dumb fan-service scenes that take away from the drama.


Final Thoughts

I went into this anime thinking it would have the same horror aspects as Another which it did not.  This series needs to be watched for what it is, a Romance with supernatural aspects.  The fan-service does sometimes take away from the story but the last half of the series strays away from the fan-service and is much better.  If you are wary about the series, it is worth watching for the animation and music alone, which are both very well done. Overall I give Dusk Maiden…



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