I have to be honest with you guys, this episode was a complete and total disappointment. Through out the vast majority of the episode Felicita, Liberta, and Nova were trying reunite a very cute kitten with its owner. These episodes can be done tastefully, in which there is palpable character, and plot development. In this episode there was neither. In the very beginning there was a flashback to when Felicita first joined the Arcana Famiglia, and how she became head of the sector known as “Sword.” It was a useless and pointless scene, and that is coming from a person who actually likes flashbacks.

The dialog in the flashback was a very obvious tool to explain more about the Arcana Cards, and those who possess their power. I understand that some explanation must take place, but any decent show can play this off tactfully, clearly Arcana Famiglia is not one of these shows. There was absolutely no flow to the dialog. I probably could have done a better job.

Even the cute and funny rivalry between Liberta and Nova that I praised in my last review failed to elicit more then a smile through out the whole episode. Truthfully it became a really hackneyed routine.

Now I would like to take this time to formally apologize, in my episode 1 review I miss spoke, Felicita IS allowed to fight in the Arcana Duello. Her father was just saying that she is too weak to decide her own fate at the present time. What a nice father! Though if she trains and fully masters her Arcana Cards abilities she has a chance of winning, and gaining her freedom.

Animation was still very nice. Fingers crossed that next week will be a whole heaping bunch better. I just can’t wait until the Arcana Duello actually starts; I bet we will be in for some pretty nice action scenes.

Thanks for reading!



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