All of these were written for WanAbrar.  I am compiling them here just so I have them.  Enjoy!

Episode 4 

All throughout episode 4 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, I found it really strange that Yuuko could feel the cold.  I kept thinking that there is no way a ghost needs warmer clothing she can’t feel anything and then it hit me, I was being dumb, dumb, dumb.  No shit she can feel cold, because she has been able to touch Teiichi the whole time.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  In episode 4 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia the members of the Paranormal Investigation Club have an overnight at the school.  I don’t know how they got permission to do this, when I was in high school we never would have been able to sleep at school unsupervised, let alone use the pool.  Well whatever this is an anime and the real world does not apply.

It looks like this series may be turning into a harem and I don’t know if I am okay with this.  I still am hoping for an anime that is similar to Another/Shiki but I know I am not going to get my wish.  There were two main points that made it look like this series is going to become a harem.  First off Momoe seems to care how she looks in a bathing suit in front of Teiichi. She runs away and changes when she thinks Teiichi doesn’t like it.  I never expected her to be or act like this it feels kind of weird.  The second is how Kirie has been acting.  Not only is she really insecure about her body but she also holds a grudge against Yuuko.  She is openly jealous when Teiichi and Yuuko are spending time together.  Whatever, we all know that Teiichi will choose Yuuko over any of the other girls in the end.

 I am pretty sure Yuuko would be extremely happy if Teiichi died and became a ghost.  She pulled that dumb little rock prank but when she told Teiichi that it was fake, she was longing for it to be real.  She is very possessive and probably wants Teiichi to herself for eternity.

Despite the chance of a harem developing I am still excited for the next episode of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia because of the interesting ending.  Some shadow-ghost-thingy appeared in front of a sleeping Kirie and it looks like bad news.  I wonder what or who it will be.  I hope the shadow will cause some sort of conflict and not just disappear…

Episode 5

Episode 5 Tasogare Otome X Amnesia focused on Kirie, and I found myself actually liking her for the first time.  She grew as character in front of our eyes.  The episode really focused on her getting over herself.  I think that finally she won’t be jealous of Yukko.  For the first time I think she was able to find herself beautiful and I hope that means she will no longer have the same image issues that she seemed to have before.  She even touched Yuuko for the first time, I like to think that this rivalry is now over and that they can be friends.  I mean Kirie and Yuuko are family so they owe it to each other to try to get along.

We were introduced to a new character this week.  He has orange/yellow skin and is a mannequin… Okay, I’m just kidding but whatever the mannequin was pretty funny.  The poor guy didn’t have a heart in the beginning of the episode.  At least he did have a little personality with him; he was able to get a good view of Kirie in her cosplay.  I guess Kirie was so cute in that outfit that it brought a mannequin to life at least for a few seconds.

I have no idea what to expect from this series.  We have already had episodes focused on an overnight, cultural festival, and even time spent around a pool.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they all went to the beach next episode.  I guess the series already forgot about Yuuko’s past or the other ghost that live around the school.  Ohh well, we will get this eventually, I guess I don’t have much more to say.  In conclusion cosplay Kirie was amazing but don’t hate me but the rest of the episode was a little bleh :( I’m sorry this review is so short; my mind is elsewhere with exam week and everything else that went down this past week.  I hope you can understand and pardon me for the short post.  Thank you, Xana.

Episode 6

I just found out that Shin Onuma is directing Dusk Maiden of Amneisa, which makes perfect sense.  Shin Onuma was the director behind Ef: A Tale of Memories and Melodies.  He also assisted Akiyuki Shinbo (the mastermind behind Studio Shafts awesome titles) on many anime including being one of the episode directors of my favorite anime, Bakemonogatari.  Throughout the first 6 episodes I was reminded of Studio Shaft’s animation when watching Dusk Maiden and this was most prominent today when I was watching episode 6.  The animation direction was brilliant; it gave the episode a frightening atmosphere.  Parts of the episode reminded me of Another, I won’t say which part because I don’t want to spoil that series if you haven’t seen it but I bet a lot of you saw some similarities. Lets just say the students in Dusk Maiden are almost as bad as the ones in class 3.

I feel bad for Teiichi, Yuuko, Momoe, and Kirie for having to go to school with such terrible people.  I thought I was scared of death…but I would never think of sacrificing one of my own classmates over some dumb curse that isn’t even true.  Blonde Yuuko was being a bitch, and it backfired on her.  It isn’t fair she was being bullied for having the same name as ghost Yuuko but you don’t need to get the whole school paranoid.  How did she even want to go about killing a ghost that neither she nor anyone else in her group can even see.  It just turned into one big mess and that is why she found her self in her bra tied, staring death straight in the face.  She realized her mistakes in the end and apologized for it.  I wonder if she actually saw ghost Yuuko when she apologized or just sensed that she was there.

I hope that episode 6 is the first of many more episodes like it.  Actually episode 6 marked the halfway point of the series so it more realistic for me to say that I hope the second half of the series will continue where episode 6 left off.  I loved the horror aspects of the episode.  We also saw more glimpses of that “shadow ghost” again.  I thought that the show would never delve back into that topic.  Also I have hope that Dusk Maiden will continue what it started in episode 1 and explain Yuuko’s past.  In episode 1 a memorial to Yuuko was found.  It would be nice to find out how Yuuko died, I want to know if it was an accident or murder.  Please Dusk Maiden; answer my questions before this series is over.  Episode 7 is called Memory Lapse Maiden so maybe next week I will get my wish.

Overall I really loved this episode.  I would have to say it was my favorite so far.  It had great animation and a good story.  Also, I didn’t mention this before but we still got to see a couple of shots of Kirie in her cosplay outfit, which makes everything better.

Thanks for reading!!!



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