All of these were written for WanAbrar.  I am compiling them here just so I have them.  Enjoy!

Episode 1

It looks like Mondays are going to be horror-filled again with Dusk Maiden of Amnesia filling in for the horror void that Another left when it ended a couple weeks ago.  I wonder if this series has what it takes to bring studio Silver Link to the big leagues of anime studios.  Silver Link is known for doing a lot of in-between animation for other studios and their only main production anime has been Baka and Test.  Because it is the first episode of the series, I will give a quick synopsis of it.

In the school’s Paranormal Investigations Club, Momoe Okonogi is doing some work completely unaware of the presence of the club’s ghost president, who is completely messing with her.   Yuuko Kanoe the president of the club, can only be seen by the two other club members Teiichi Niiya and Kirie Kanoe. After investigating a supposedly haunted food elevator, which is Yuuko’s doing, Momoe brings everyone to the top of a hill where a memorial to Yuuko is found. Teiichi then finds a bell underneath the memorial grave that could have to do with Yuuko Kanoe’s forgotten past.

The episode was set up in a very interesting way.  I actually liked that the first part of the episode is repeated, with the only difference being the presences of Yuuko Kanoe, our ghost.  It explained the first part of the episode in such an ingenious way, and I wasn’t bored with the repeat.  I wonder if this series will be more of a horror series or a comedy?  The first episode was hilarious, I laughed out load a few times.  Yuuko Kanoe’s constant messing with Momoe Okonogi was funny.  Okonogi is so dumb, how did she not notice all the stuff that was going on around her.  I loved all four of the characters; all of them are all different and exciting.  I like the little rivalry I am already seeing between Yuuko and Kirie that is already budding.

The animation was really strong, especially at the end.  You can really tell that Silver Link is putting a lot of effort into this work.  There was a lot of recycled animation but it actually worked well in collaboration with overall plot.  Did anybody else love the last scene of the episode? It almost looks like it could be something straight out of Studio Shaft.  This is a show that really needs to be watched in high definition, if not you are really missing out.  I am looking forward to what will come out of this series.  I hope the rest is as strong as the first episode.

Episode 2

Hmmm what are with these anime and abandoned school buildings?  You think someone would lock them, right?  I guess kids just have a fascination with that which has been abandoned and even if you lock the kids out they will find a way in, just like Teiichi did.  Reminds me of the old days, trespassing in the abandoned building behind my high school, going on adventures with my friends.  Well, that is a story for another day, or more like never and it has nothing to do with Tasogare Otome X Annesia. Episode 2 of Tasogare Otome X Amnesia felt more like a first episode than episode 1 one actually did.  It was an introduction of how Yuuko and Teiichi actually met, and how Momoe fits into the scenario.

I had some real issues with this episode.  This anime has such potential; it has a great atmosphere, an interesting premise and amazing animation.  Instead focusing on what it already does well the anime instead seems to rely on immature uses of fan-service.  The fan-service is not subtle or cleverly placed; it consists of blatant boob-grabs with no consequences…freaking 3 of them in this episode. I hate to say it kids but accidental boobs grabs just don’t happen in real life and when they do you will probably be slapped.  I can say never in my life have I accidentally groped someone’s boob so Tasogare Otome x Amnesia just stop, you are making people feel sad about something they will never have happen in their life.

Now that the story has been properly introduced, I hope that in the next episodes we can see some type of plot revolving around who Yuuko actually is.  Maybe the series will become more melancholy and mysterious, the way I want it to turn out.  I think episode three will probably be another introduction episode as much as I don’t want it to be, because we still haven’t found out how Kirie became acquainted with the whole Paranormal Investigation club.  As much as I want this to be a horror anime like Another it probably won’t be.  I am going to have to start going into watching this series with a different mindset then when I started and watch it for what it is, a ghost-ecchi-comedy.

Episode 3

Now this is exactly what I wanted, we get a little bit of horror this week from Tasogare Otome x Amnesia.  I was correct last week in stating that episode 3 would be another introduction episode that takes place before the events of episode 1.  I’m not really sure why the director didn’t develop the story so that it could be told in order but it isn’t a big issue.  Episode 3 is the episode that introduces Kirie; I’m not sure how I feel about her.  She seems so strong on the outside but on the inside she is weak.  She puts on this act, in which it looks like she can deal with ghosts, but in the end she runs away crying from Yuuko in the episode.  When Teiichi confronts her about it she put on the tough act again.  Girls please, just admit that you were crying there is no reason for that stupid little act, we all know.

It is interesting that Kirie and Yuuko are related.  I guess that makes Yuuko Kirie’s great aunt; that is really weird to think of.  Yuuko, when she looks like a walking corpse is actually really intimidating.  I am glad that Teiichi in the end can see her for her beautiful side.  Episode 3 now raises the question of who is the evil spirit of the school.  I wonder if we will be introduced to this spirit without even knowing; maybe even this spirit is connected to the original death of Yuuko.  Now that the evil spirit is confirmed to be someone other then Yuuko I wonder what Yuuko’s true intentions are.  I do like her but I feel as if she could be hiding some things. She seems to be very possessive of Teiichi and I wonder if this could be a problem in the future.

I really like the direction that Silver Link went with episode 3.  It is very artistic and beautiful.  I hope the series is going to head in a similar direction that Sankarea is going.  I have heard bad things about both manga series.  People say that they are both boring unoriginal ecchi series.  Sankarea has really been able to have some dark and emotional moments so far.  Episode 3 of Tasogare Otome x Amnesia has shown that it is possible for this series to head in that direction.  I hope we get a series that will really explore how Yuuko died and also her possessive nature of Teiichi.

Thanks for reading :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1. chril001 says:

    Horror and abandon school buildings? Sounds eerily similar to my cam grounds at night! WOO HOO
    Great post Xana


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