Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 7 Thought/Review

Posted: May 25, 2012 by Xana in Sakamichi no Apollon
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Kids on a Slope gets better and better every episode.  What really got me in this episode was the big concert scene.  In your face rock band, in Kids on a Slope world Jazz rules overall.  I loved the medley of all the songs from the anime.  It was great to see Kaoru and Sentaro and play together.  I think Ritsuko finally felt Kaoru love for her.  She was really surprised and happy when she heard him play the “sound of music” on the piano for her.  I hope we will get to see them get together in the end; they would make a wonderful couple.  I wonder what’s up with brother Jun he is a freaking mess.  I kind of confused why Sentaro ended up punching him, I guess it out of love.

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  1. -blacksheep says:

    This episode has got to be my fave so far 😀 I also love the medley. I kept on listening to it on the soundtrack.

    As for Jun-nii, I sure do hope that the next episode will explain what is up with him.

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