Sankarea Episode 6 (A better Review)

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Xana in Sankarea
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I want to start out by talking about that kiss between Rea and Chihiro.  I know it technically happened in episode 5 but they showed it again in episode 6.  That was one hell of a kiss, powerful and passionate.  Okay maybe not passionate, more like full of blood lust.  If I was Chihiro I would be a little afraid.  As cute and harmless as Rea looks she isn’t, she is hiding some real power.  Not only in the previous episode did she rip Ranko’s clothing off but also in episode 6 she kind of threw Chihiro against a tree. Rea had good intensions, she did save him from a car but Chihiro was hurt.  She needs to be really careful; if she doesn’t pay attention she could kill Chihiro or someone else close to her.  Also what was with Rea licking Chihiro’s wounds, does she crave his blood or something?  It was a little too creepy for it to be to “sanitize” his wounds.

One thing that is bothering me a little is this one-sided rivalry that Ranko has started with Rea.  Ranko seems to have feelings for Chihiro even though they are cousins…I hope no incest develops.  She was extremely jealous when Chihiro’s father lets Rea stay with the family.  Ranko is this pretty, popular, athletic girl who has a fantastic “bone structure.”  I don’t understand why a girl like her would have a crush on her creepy zombie obsessed cousin.  Well it is anime, anything can happen.

There is a lot less fan-service than I expected in Sankarea.  Episode 6 had so many chances for it but the amount of fan-service was actually minimal.  I mean Rea hasn’t been wearing pants since episode 3 but they never exploited this so far.  Well Ranko does have lady parts the size of watermelons…okay maybe there is fan-service but I don’t find it getting in the way of the series.  Sankarea is above fan-service; so far it has been sad, it has been heart breaking, it has been laugh out loud funny, so I don’t think the fan-service takes anything away from this surprisingly good anime.

I think now I will designate a whole paragraph to how much I love Bābu.  I think he is my favorite animal I have ever seen in anime.  Maybe I see some of my former cat in Bābu. It makes me wish I could have brought him back to life when he died.  The sound that Bābu makes is adorable.  I’m not really sure why he doesn’t make normal cat sounds, but I think it may have to do with his messed up nose.  That scene in episode 6 where Rea is feeding Bābu hydrangea leaves is my favorite scene in the anime so far.  I’m not sure why, something about it just caught my eye.  Maybe it was just because a cute girl was feeding an adorable cat; maybe I’m a sucker for cute things like that.

So where will this show go next?  I think the series will focus on Chihiro trying to perfect the resurrection potion.  Hydrangea is not permanent solution so Chihiro will have to find a way to fix it if he is going to keep his promise to Rea.  I also expect that we will see more of Rea’s father.  I imagine he is going to try to get his daughter back.  Hopefully he will die in the process, I hate that bastard.

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