Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 6 Thoughts/Review

Posted: May 21, 2012 by Xana in Sakamichi no Apollon
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Big freak-out this week in Sakamichi no Apollon, so let the war begin; Jazz Verses Rock & Roll.  I know which one I would pick but don’t tell Kaoru.  So we got a new character this week that is a little bit flamboyant.  I don’t like him; he is up to no good.  I think he is trying to break up the relationship between Kaoru and Sentaro.  When Sentaro accepts being a part of his band Kaoru runs away and we get to know how he truly feels about Sentaro.  He is scared to death of loosing him….so why is he pushing him away.  Is Kaoru going to go back to his loner ways?, probably and it is sad.  I hope everyone makes up quick.

I liked that Kaoru was learning the Sound of Music on the piano.  I want him to wow Ritsuko so that she will fall in love with him.  That probably won’t happen.  Well brother Jun shows up at the end of the episode, I wonder where he has been.

Thanks for reading, I know it is short; I am just way behind on everything haha.



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