Sankarea Episode 4&5&6 Thoughts

Posted: May 15, 2012 by Xana in Sankarea
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Damn I haven’t reviewed the past 3 episodes of Sankarea.  It is time compress 3 episodes into 1 review.  In my episode 3 review I said that the next few episodes of Sankrea will make or break this series.  I am glad to say that I still love it.  Episodes 4-6 were great.  Rea being a zombie is awesome and it is the opposite of her personality.  She is such a sweet girl but she turns into a monster when she doesn’t have her hydrangea.  I hope she doesn’t end up by mistake really hurting someone.  In episode 6 she did throw Chihiro out of the way of a car and it hurt him but he was fine.

Jogoro, the grandfather is insane and probably a zombie.  His whole latching on to other people is gross.  He doesn’t seem human/zombie.  He just looks like a leech.  He is loosing it.  Every once in a wile he says something intelligent but then immediately goes freaking insane.  He keeps talking about his miso soup and how it is wrong.  We did find out that it was Jogoro who did create the resurrection potion and it is imperfect.  I wonder of Rea will slowly go insane like Jogoro if the potion isn’t perfected.

Babu has been as cute as ever.  I love him!  I like how Rea and Babu have this bond where they understand each other.  Probably my favorite scene so far in Sankrea was Rea feeding Babu hydrangea.  It was really cute.  Overall this series is a great surprise.  I wonder where it will go in the future, will Chihiro find the solution to the resurrection potion…most likely.

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