Sorry for missing last weeks review, I have been very busy with school.  We had 2 very complex episodes of Sakamichi no Apollon.  It looks like there is a love pentagon developing.  Is that even possible?  Kaoru has a crush on Ritsuko who has a crush on Sentaro who has a crush on Yurika, and it looks like Yurika is developing feelings for Jun.  This is all turning into one big mess.  It surprises me how much romance there is in this series.  I thought it would focus more on Jazz than the romance.  This series is not without its jam sessions that have been in every episode so far, which are amazing.

I was proud how at the end of episode 3 Kaoru was finally able to confess to Ritsuko.  It takes some real courage to confess to a girl who has no idea you like her.  However I don’t think he should have kissed her like that.  Kaoru knows she has a thing for Sentaro, kissing her is only going to confuse the girl further.  What if that was her first kiss…and you stole it from her.  I know you are in love buddy but you need to think before you do things.

There was some real racism in episode 4.  I was taken aback a little even though it made perfect sense.  The drunk American soldier said something unforgivable and it pissed me off.  This is the first anime I have watched (to my recollection) that has ever had white racism towards African Americans.  It was impressive that Kaoru kept his cool during that scene, I would have probably acted more like Sentaro and refused to play.  Also Sakamichi no Apollon was brave enough to show racism of the Japanese towards Americans.  This show is set in the 1966 only 21 years after Japan surrendered in World War 2.  The cast of characters grew up in a very hard time.  Sentaro being mixed race had it the worst of all.  Flashbacks showed the racism that is classmate and even family showed him.

Over all episodes 3&4 of Sakamichi no Apollon were great.  It is still among one of my favorite anime of the year so far.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day.


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