Zetman Episode 5 Review

Posted: May 2, 2012 by Lykos in Zetman
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FINALLY! Finally I see a plot emerging…I think…maybe?  Episode fucking five, and just now a plot is starting. I have an affinity for fast paced shows, and in my opinion Zetman definitely does not fit into that category. It is episode five, and it seems as though just now the plot is slowly but surely starting to evolve. It appears as though the players all belong to a group or “family” as it is referred to by the leader called EVOL. From what I can glean EVOL runs on a strict set of rules, the players assimilate into typical human life, and work to remain secret to the humans, and have a peaceful relationship with them. This episode we also find out who the emo-haired, feminine featured dude is who has been skulking around in the past five episodes, he is a member of EVOL by the name of Haitani. He seems to have an interest in ZET in order to strengthen EVOL and overthrow the humans. Not the most original plot out there, but hey I’ll take it, better then no fucking plot. We also meet a creepy ass old guy who is a member of EVOL who has taken an interest in Kouga, his reasons for this have not really come to light yet.

You know how I was all exited about the Sweeper? Yeah well he may have been in this episode for a total of 20 seconds. Bummer. The only thing about him that we really found out was that he works for EVOL. Double bummer.

I have a real bone to pick with Kouga’s principles concerning justice; they just don’t make sense to me. His argument for not wanting the police involved is that “no one can stand in the way of justice!” I’m pretty sure the police aren’t going to stand in the way of justice; they are there to help. I think that he just wants to feel powerful, and get attention, but in reality he cares very little for justice. I would like to speculate that this skewed sense of justice is going to get him in trouble in the future.

We are subjugated to way too much Tanaka this episode. I really don’t think I could have written a more whiny or useless character then her. I swear, every other sentence out of her mouth is “I’m scared to be alone!” She sets my teeth on edge. I really can’t stand characters like her. In addition she seems to have a crush on Jin, and is showing distinct signs of being one of those over bearing types. All I can hope is that her character will undergo some major developments in the next few episodes.

(Oh good god, I’m going to be seeing that face in my nightmares.)

WOAH! What a shocker, at the end of the episdoe a big fight scene erupts in which Jin is now being beaten to all hell. So much for my hope that the predictable formula would be disrupted, though I still foster hope, I think that with the appearance of Alpha/Kouga perhaps that will shake things up a bit.

All in all I must say, five episodes in, I’m rather disappointed in this show. The pacing seems off, the dialog forced, and anticlimactic action scenes. Though I still believe there is potential, and I will keep on watching!

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