Hyouka Episode 2 Thoughts/Review

Posted: May 1, 2012 by Xana in Hyouka
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Episode 2 of Hyouka was able to prove that Oreki has amazing detective skills.  However small and insignificant the mystery is, he can probably solve it.  Episode 2 had none of this made up recruitment poster nonsense; Oreki actually solved a rather hard mystery with a little help from Chitanda.  I never would have guessed that it was the art club that had been using the history book, but I also had very little basis to go off of; Oreki knows his own school a lot better than I do.

We were introduced to a new girl named Mayaka Ibara who is fated to join the classical literature club.  It was confirmed that she has a crush on Fukube but it seems more like she has a crush on Oreki.  The way she bickers and pretends to hate Oreki makes me think she totally has a thing for him.  She seems to really enjoy a good mystery so she will fit right in with the characters and their mystery hunting. I find it funny that the classical literature club is actually more of a detective club on campus; it doesn’t really have anything to do with classic lit but whatever.

Chitanda’s eyes are incredible.  They are such a pretty purple color, I know it is an anime but I found myself getting lost in her eyes.  I can see why Oreki can’t say no to them; they are so full of life and curiosity.  Hyouka has some of the best animation I’ve ever seen in an anime. I finally was able to get my hands on the series in high definition (yay for finding a download site my college doesn’t block). Everything looks fluid and all the characters are full of life.  The lighting and color palette is very well done and it adds to an overall amazing atmosphere. I have also yet to see any tiny details I haven’t liked about the animation, everything is top notch.

Episode 2 ends right before a confession from Chitanda, and I highly doubt it is going to be a love confession.  She seems very nervous which isn’t like the full of confidence girl we have seen so far. I wonder what she could want to ask him, maybe she want him to solve some kind of old or hard mystery.  Throughout the second episode she was really interested in the anthologies written by alumni of the classic literature club, so it could have something to do with that.  The librarian was also acting a little fishy when she was asked about the anthologies so maybe something is up with them.

I really can’t wait for next week’s episode and the big confession!  Hopefully something awesome will come out of it.  Episode 2 of Hyouka has the potential to be awesome.

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