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Hiatus until June 16th

Posted: May 26, 2012 by Xana in Uncategorized

I was hoping I was going to be able to get Sankarea 07 out but I ran out of time.  Xana Anime Review is going on a 3 week Hiatus until I, Xana and Lykos get back from our trips. Today I am leaving for Miami and from there I will be going to Ecuador and the Galapagos.  I will be back on June 16th and I will try to make up as many posts as I can, then.



Kids on a Slope gets better and better every episode.  What really got me in this episode was the big concert scene.  In your face rock band, in Kids on a Slope world Jazz rules overall.  I loved the medley of all the songs from the anime.  It was great to see Kaoru and Sentaro and play together.  I think Ritsuko finally felt Kaoru love for her.  She was really surprised and happy when she heard him play the “sound of music” on the piano for her.  I hope we will get to see them get together in the end; they would make a wonderful couple.  I wonder what’s up with brother Jun he is a freaking mess.  I kind of confused why Sentaro ended up punching him, I guess it out of love.

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Where is Lykos?

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Lykos has been a bad girl 😦 she hasn’t been posting…if you remember she was the person reviewing Zetman and Avatar.  I have decided to fire her from the blog…i’m just kidding.  In reality that past few weeks consisted of exams for both of us and that is why we have been posting so irregularly.  Lykos has gone to Europe now that it is summer break and she won’t be back for another three weeks.  I don’t expect her to be posting anymore this season.  As for me, I will be leaving for Ecuador/Galapagos on saturday and won’t be able to update much for 3 weeks.  Sorry for the irregular updating.  


Big freak-out this week in Sakamichi no Apollon, so let the war begin; Jazz Verses Rock & Roll.  I know which one I would pick but don’t tell Kaoru.  So we got a new character this week that is a little bit flamboyant.  I don’t like him; he is up to no good.  I think he is trying to break up the relationship between Kaoru and Sentaro.  When Sentaro accepts being a part of his band Kaoru runs away and we get to know how he truly feels about Sentaro.  He is scared to death of loosing him….so why is he pushing him away.  Is Kaoru going to go back to his loner ways?, probably and it is sad.  I hope everyone makes up quick.

I liked that Kaoru was learning the Sound of Music on the piano.  I want him to wow Ritsuko so that she will fall in love with him.  That probably won’t happen.  Well brother Jun shows up at the end of the episode, I wonder where he has been.

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It was an interesting episode of Sankarea that didn’t have too much to do with the story.  About half of the episode was spent in real time and the other half was flashbacks.  We got to learn a lot about both Chihiro and Ranko.  Chihiro loved zombies as a little kid.  He hasn’t changed at all in the past 10 years, no wonder he turned out the way he did.  The episode built up to a big show down between Chihiro and Ranko.  Ranko tried to kiss him and Chihiro’s expression was priceless.  He looked like he was in pain.  He has no feelings for his cousin; Ranko needs to get this through her head.  I expect to see a confession by Ranko in the near future.  I hope next week we will get back to the plot at hand, maybe we will see some more of Rea’s father.

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I want to start out by talking about that kiss between Rea and Chihiro.  I know it technically happened in episode 5 but they showed it again in episode 6.  That was one hell of a kiss, powerful and passionate.  Okay maybe not passionate, more like full of blood lust.  If I was Chihiro I would be a little afraid.  As cute and harmless as Rea looks she isn’t, she is hiding some real power.  Not only in the previous episode did she rip Ranko’s clothing off but also in episode 6 she kind of threw Chihiro against a tree. Rea had good intensions, she did save him from a car but Chihiro was hurt.  She needs to be really careful; if she doesn’t pay attention she could kill Chihiro or someone else close to her.  Also what was with Rea licking Chihiro’s wounds, does she crave his blood or something?  It was a little too creepy for it to be to “sanitize” his wounds. (more…)

Damn I haven’t reviewed the past 3 episodes of Sankarea.  It is time compress 3 episodes into 1 review.  In my episode 3 review I said that the next few episodes of Sankrea will make or break this series.  I am glad to say that I still love it.  Episodes 4-6 were great.  Rea being a zombie is awesome and it is the opposite of her personality.  She is such a sweet girl but she turns into a monster when she doesn’t have her hydrangea.  I hope she doesn’t end up by mistake really hurting someone.  In episode 6 she did throw Chihiro out of the way of a car and it hurt him but he was fine. (more…)