Sorry/Update on Aniblog Tournament

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Xana in Uncategorized

Due to it being the week before exams and the Avacyn restored pre-release weekend I have been busy.  I am already 3 posts behind and I am sorry.  Don’t worry I will be making the posts up by doing 2 episode posts later in the week. Also today Wan Abrar triumphed in the Aniblog tournament over our opponents Behind the Nihon review, in a very close 311-285 score despite some other people who were saying that no one should vote for Wan Abrar because I, Xana, am a prude female who people should feel sorry for.  Last time I checked I wasn’t prude or female…but the internet is always correct so I guess I am wrong…  Our next opponents will be Abandoned Factory Anime review, a blog I voted for because of personal reasons…I wish them the best of luck, they seem like a great blog although I haven’t read that many posts by them.


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