(I don’t trust her!)

Who the fuck is this Asami Sato character?! She seems like such a useless addition to the cast. The appearance of Asami is the first real qualm I have had with the Legend of Korra so far. Was she introduced just to create tension and confusion between Korra and Mako? Do I smell a love square(ish) thing emerging? Ok lets take a moment to draw this out: Bolin likes Korra, Korra likes Mako, Mako likes Korra? Mako most certainly likes Asami, who likes Mako back.  Pheww that is a mouthful. The dialog between Asami and Mako felt forced, on a first “date” who tells the other person about their personal financial woes? In addition, after knowing each other for a matter of days Asami is already telling Mako that he “makes her feel safe.” The scenes featuring these two just disrupted the flow of the episode, which was disappointing to say the least. I don’t at all mind the romance aspect to this show, in fact I think that it adds an important dimension to the series, especially because they are upwards of 17 years old (so I would expect nothing less of hormone driven teenagers), I just think that Asami is nothing short of a useless character who takes precious screen time away from characters I actually give a damn about. The one and only reason that Asami is at all an important character is because now her father is funding the Fire Ferrets so that they can compete in the Pro-bending championships. So I guess I should really be thanking Asami because now I will be treated to some more Pro-bending action scenes, I don’t have to like her though, do I?

The use of rhetoric in this show is stunning. The way that even Tarlock, a supposed “good guy” utilizes it to guilt and force Korra into working on the taskforce that was assembled to take down Amon. I could go all Socrates and Plato on your ass about the two different types of rhetoric (sophistry and didactic), and give examples from current politicians around the world, but I will spare you my rant. Let’s just suffice it to say that it is some pretty complex themes for a Nickelodeon show to be featuring.

Korra went through some considerable growth in this episode, she is not used to feeling fear, and even though her sleeps are nightmare ridden, she suppresses the feelings and challenges Amon to a duel. She does what she knows how to do: fight. But in the end when Amon and his chi-blocking henchmen take her with ease she is finally willing to admit to Tenzen that she is frightened to her vary core of loosing her bending, and being beaten by the skilled Amon. This scene was also sweet because it showed how Tenzen really cares for Korra, it is nice to see that bond forming between teacher and student.

The 30 second flashback that Korra had where you get to see older Toph, Sokka, and Aang was such a tease! I want more! As you may know, I love flashbacks, but really? Only 30 seconds, I want so much more! Fingers crossed, that we will get some legitimate flashbacks in the episodes to come.

(Older Aang 😮 )

On a final note, the scene where Korra is over taken by Amon and his lackeys was great. The animation: superb. The way they utilized the darkness, being illuminated by only Korra’s fire bending was exiting, and added to the frightening atmosphere. Plus the glowing of the chi-blockers green goggles added an animalistic quality to them that fit perfectly with their movements and the atmosphere. That scene really got my heart pounding.

As usual, can’t wait until next Saturday.




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