Aniblog Tournament

Posted: April 27, 2012 by Xana in Uncategorized

Hey Folks,

As a lot of you may know the aniblog tournament is going on right now.  Xana Anime Review is much too new and crappy to have a spot in the tournament.  Today I am officially endorsing Wan Abrar as my vote.  I am not endorsing Wan Abrar because I write for the site, I am endorsing it because it is really the best site out there.  What other anime blog is reviewing 16 anime episodically every week!  Most sites give up after 3 episode of a series but the writers at Wan Abrar do not; we are in it till the end.  I am asking everybody to vote for Wan Abrar starting tomorrow 4/27/12 for 48 hours I believe starting at 4pm.

It is now time for some shit talking  Wan Abrar’s opponent is Behind the Nihon Review, a real veteran compared to Wan Abrar’s young age of a year.  I actually don’t have anything bad to say about them, they are a great blog with a strong following and fan base. I wish them the best of luck!   

Despite a strong opponent I think Wan Abrar can come out on top, we are a great blog with an even better fan base!

You can vote for your favorite anime blogs right here

Here is the link to to the best anime blog in the world! Wan Abrar

May the best blog win!


  1. -blacksheep says:

    As you know i’m a regular reader of Wan Abrar. So I’m definitely voting! 😀 Good Luck on the aniblog tourney!

  2. Lykos says:

    Good luck and you have my vote

  3. Thanks for the post. 😛
    We don’t really need to say bad things about others. Just hope for the best and that everyone will like our blog. 🙂

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