Zetman Episode 4 Review

Posted: April 25, 2012 by Lykos in Zetman
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This was a pretty boring and predictable episode…UNTIL THE END! Wow they are good at leaving you with cliffhangers so you tune in next week. Because of the exiting introduction of this “Sweeper” character, I’m actually looking forward to next week. The Sweepers character design is…interesting. It sure as hell doesn’t fit with the modern atmosphere and character design of the show, in addition it looks like he wields a pretty epic sword, and weapon design is pretty exiting to a anime weapon enthusiast like my self! A third intriguing aspect of The Sweeper is where he hales from. I can infer that he does not work for Amagi Corp. by Mitsugai’s reaction to his appearance, and he is not working for/on the side of the players, because of the fact that he kills those who break “the rules.” Does he privately/independently patrol the streets? I’m just going to have to keep watching to find out!

This episode takes place two years after the last one, and I can happily say that Jin actually looks his age. I like his character design, it is somewhat plain, but I like his hairstyle, and his really baggy pants and belt. I think that it fits his character well, the way he often has his hands slammed in his pockets, fits the whole emo kid profile. This episode also did a good job conveying Jins complicated emotions, he clearly longs for human connection, even though Mitsugai has warmed him that he must distance himself from others because he is now Zet, and players may target those close to him. With nothing more then a letter goodbye, he has not spoken to or seen Auntie in 2 years. Though in the episode he does admit that it makes him happy that the police officer from the first episode still looks out for him. It is nice to see a character who knows that he can’t have human connections, but this does not stop him from longing for it.

I will say that the episode structure so far for the first four episodes have been very predictable. In every episode, toward the end he gets into a fight, dies, or is mortally wounded, or someone he cares for gets hurt, then he transforms into Zet, and kicks some ass. This formula is getting a bit old, but I hope with the introduction of The Sweeper (does that remind any one else of Black Cat?) the formula will be disrupted, and we will be treated to something brand new next week!

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  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    He doesn’t really die, he just gets beat up which is pretty standard for action shows. The good guy gets molly-whopped than he has a big turnaround. Same formula, different show. I’m interested in seeing how his relationship is going to play out with the other “justice hero” and it is inevitable that they will find out what he is.

    • Lykos says:

      Well he does get stabbed right through the heart, and goes limp, that was why I thought he died, but I could be wrong. Yeah, I’m pretty familiar with the formula, considering the number of action shows I watch, but really?! It happened in every episode so far, in addition a superb action show will find a creative way to get around that hackneyed formula. Yeah I totally agree, I can’t wait to see the interaction between the two “justice heros”, their personalities are so different, its bound to be interesting!

      • GoodbyeNavi says:

        I’m not disagreeing with you regarding the predictability of the show. It’s annoying and I’m pretty sure the good guy doesn’t always have to get his butt kicked to make a good comeback. I mean, lets look at Spike from Cowboy Bebop, much more realistic.

      • Lykos says:

        I could not agree more!!! The hero should not have to be knocked senseless before he gets his act together

  2. Xana says:

    Dammit I am already two episodes behind, I need to catch up on my anime watching

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