Sankarea episode 3 thoughts/review

Posted: April 23, 2012 by Xana in Sankarea
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Rea is finally a zombie, and it is about time.  Her mean daddy by mistake pushes her off a cliff, and damn she gets impaled.  I would have liked to see them drag out the death a little bit.  She immediately comes back to life.  It would have been nice if she came back to life that night so we could see more of the emotional reactions of her father and Chihiro.  I wonder how her dad will now act now that Rea is a zombie.  I bet he will be much nicer to her.  He has already killed her once I bet he doesn’t want to do it again.

I just want to write a whole essay on how cute Babu is.  I am so happy he is a zombie kitty.  He is my new favorite animal in Anime.  I love the little noise he makes.  Even though he is a kitty I expect him and Rea to form a bond as zombies.  I wonder if Chihiro’s grandfather is a zombie.  He keeps eating Hydrangea like Babu has been which is a poison.  I wonder if it is the Hydrangea that keeps the zombies alive.

The next few episodes are going to make or break this series.  I hope it is able to remain the dark emotional series it has been so far.  I don’t want now that Rea is dead for the series to become an Ecchi comedy without its emotional richness.


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