(I completely agree with Korra, that is exactly how I feel at my 8:30 am class.)

I’m blown away by this Nickelodeon show. I mean really, it has no right to be this damn good! What part of this episode should I gush about first? The style? Ok, you got it. The 20s/50s/steam punk style just works so well. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to pull it off because it is pretty different then the first series, but wow, it just looks perfect. The characters who are members of gangs even talk like 20s and 30s gangsters. That could come off as cheesy, but it really doesn’t, it just flows perfectly with the atmosphere. The steam punk aspects like the motorcycles, and the use of steam power are also just superb. Even though motorcycles seem very modern, they also fit the atmosphere, and the very steam punkish style of the Equalists perfectly. Also the fact that Mako works at a power plant that is powered by lightning, is interesting and futuristic, yet does not seem at all out of place. But Legend of Korra does not at all completely abandon the style of the original, people will still wear colors that represent the four different elements, though they are more integrated, with less stark differences. It is truly a masterful integration of new and old.

Bolin is portrayed as being kind of a dip, and being the comic relief. He is definitely a good earth bender, but the expressions he makes just make him look very child-like, and somewhat helpless. Though I will admit that he has some good one-liners that elicited a chuckle or two. It is his naive childish nature that causes him to put himself in harms way to try to solve his and his brother’s financial woes. I look forward to his characters growth and maturing through out the series, though I hope that he doesn’t loose his child-like and naive sense of duty and humor.

The action/combat scenes in this episode were off the chain (haha, yes I’m a 90s kid, hence my use of that expression)! The Equalists use of hand-to-hand combat and chi blocking makes for some combat choreography that is eye catching and original. It really got my heart pounding. There power and skill, and the fact that they destroyed Korra and Mako, goes to demonstrate that you don’t need to be a bender to be powerful. So the fight scenes get an A++ from me. 🙂

Some of the moments in this show really make me laugh out loud. When Korra earthbended Jinora and Ikka I just burst out laughing, I laughed so hard I cried. Xana can attest to this because he was there when I was watching it. Perhaps my maturity level is extremely low because I laugh at these jokes, but they are just so perfectly executed. I always appreciate a show that has series moments and mature themes, but also has the ability to make me laugh out loud. That, my friends, is what I call the best of both worlds.

There were some pretty hefty questions posed during this episode, why can Amon (head of the Eqaulists) take away peoples bending forever, a gift that is only allotted to Avatars? Does that mean that he truly is touched by the spirits? If so, is the era of bending really over? These pressing questions make waiting for next Saturday for the next new episode, pure agony! In addition Amon’s use of rhetoric and propaganda to rally the populace to support the Equalists is on par with much rhetoric and propaganda that is spewed in the politics of today. Politics and the use of rhetoric, whether it be didactic or sophistry, is very interesting to me, so the fact that one of my favorite shows is now featuring this as a theme completely blows my mind!

It was also nice to find out some back-story on Mako and Bolin. The fact that they are orphans may be a bit predictable, yet I’m intrigued, because their childhood was starkly different from Korra’s, who was always constantly cared for. Through Mako and Bolin Korra is exposed to a completely different life style, which, fingers crossed, will lead to some very interesting character development for Korra as well as Mako and Bolin.

The creatures in this franchise are so adorable, and it was awesome to be able to see Naga in action, defending Korra and Mako. In episode three we were also introduced to a new creature, a fluffy fire ferret named Pabu. Pabu and Naga shared some very adorable moments, as well as Korra and Mako who shared some pretty sweet sentiments through out the episode. Anywho, Naga and Pabu will make great mascots for the new Team Avatar.

Saying that I can’t wait until next weeks episode just doesn’t seem to fully convey how exited I am. I wait with bated breath.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Xana says:

    i can’t wait to actually see this episode! the bottom picture is really cute.

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