Another great episode of Sakamichi no Apollon; another episode that is proving to me that this could easily be the best anime of the season.  Episode 2 offers a jam session between four of the characters and it was excellent.  Although Kaoru was a little bit sloppy, he still has piano skills and the others recognize him for it.  I like the whole combination of drums, piano, trumpet, and cello; they also sound great together despite the fact I normally don’t like brass musical instruments.

I love the fact that despite being a romantic slice of life series that it still has some action.  Sentarou’s jumping kick down the flight of stairs was awesome.  It was so funny that he fell down doing it due to the fact he tried to jump to far.  Also unlike the first episode Kaoru decides to fight back.  He is a little unconventional when he is fighting; no maybe that isn’t the right word.  He has some moves that are looked down upon, you’re really not supposed to bite when you are fighting, but I guess that works for him.  Sorry for this being so late and short, I am getting really bust as the end of the school year draws closer and closer.

  1. Robert Tene says:

    That jazz session was really nice. It made me want to give jazz a try.
    Now that Sentarou met that girl there probably won’t be any love triangles!

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