Ok, so here are the pictures that I took at this years Anime Boston. As I said…they are not very good, I’m in now way a photographer, but please enjoy!

(A Black Ops dude? I’m not really sure, but there were allot of people with gas masks. Am I incredibly dense for not knowing what the gas mask trend is all about?)

(Elizabeth, what the hell is that?!)


(I can certainly see the likeness, can’t you?)

(We got some good old fashioned Mario characters. See, not everyone dresses like an anime character.)


(You can’t really tell this from the pictures, but the guy all the way to the right, his sword has lights running completely around the perimeter. I just love the detail, and the amount of time it must have taken to make these cosplays.)

(This kid even sounded like Alphonse. Perfect.)

(Amy Pond: I thought…well, I started to think you were just a mad man with a box.

The Doctor: Amy Pond, there’s something you better understand about me ’cause it’s important and one day your life may depend on it…I am definitely a mad man with a box.)


(This may be is a boarder-line furry…but not even that was able to take away from the awesomeness.)

(Love Angel Beats! Had to be a creep and ask for his picture.)

(Claymore may be my favorite anime, and it was great to see someone do a Claymore cosplay justice!)

(I really don’t know how this person was able to see anything…)

So yeah, those are most of my pictures from Anime Boston. Hope you enjoy!



  1. Xana says:

    way to spell hetalia wrong, i could go in and change it but i’m lazy!

  2. Robert Tene says:

    That’s some nice cosplay. However most of the characters were eighter from games or anime that I have yet to watch. Sounds like you had fun! 😀

    • Lykos says:

      Yeah there were some pretty great cosplay! The guy with the light up sword and his gang of merry cosplayers are from something unknown to me, I just loved the detail! 🙂

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