Tsuritama Episode 1 thoughts/review

Posted: April 15, 2012 by Xana in Tsuritama
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This is a few days late but whatever.  I couldn’t wait for Tsuritama to come out because it just seemed like it would be strange and colorful, which I love. Tsuritama is set in Shonan, Enoshima a small costal town.  Throughout his life high school student Yuki has never had a friend of his own, because he is isn’t able to communicate with people properly. Then there is Haru, a self-proclaimed alien from outer space, who loves to fish. There is Natsuki is a local boy who always seems to be annoyed by whatever’s going on around him. Lastly there is Akira a mysterious Indian boy who watches over them all, while maintaining a distance. These four angsty teenagers meet and go fishing; and just have fun.

The animation is great.  Tsuritama is very bright and colorful which makes me already love it.  A-1 pictures knows what they are doing with this series.  Everything from the landscapes to the buildings is perfect.  The animation style is similar to Peguindrum.  There isn’t much else to talk about at this point.  The first episode was an more of an introduction episode.  I hope we get something special out of Tsuritama.

  1. -blacksheep says:

    I haven’t gotten the time to watch this. The characters sound so interesting && wherever I read, the colorful and bright art is always praised. Oh and animation style similar to Penguindrum? I really need to watch this already!! xD

  2. Robert Tene says:

    If only there weren’t an alien controlling people with a watergun and a scaredy-cat protagonist which gets drowned whenever he is nervous this anime would have been pretty much normal. Lets hope they wont ignore theese facts and explain them at some point.

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