Anime Boston

Posted: April 14, 2012 by Lykos in Uncategorized

What an experience! I strongly recommend that if your reading this blog, and enjoy anime, manga, whatever, you somehow make your way to an anime convention some time in your life. Anime Boston was my first one, and the only thing I could think was, why did I wait so long?!

So let me set the mood for you, Me and Xana go to school in Baltimore, and the convention was in Boston (duh), so we left Baltimore at 7:30 p.m on Friday and arrived in Boston, at our friends house at 4:30 am, went to sleep at 5, woke up at 6 to make sure we could spend the whole day, wacky hilarity ensued.

We got there early, before any thing was really open. So, redbull in hand, we just walked around, taking pictures, and drinking in everyone’s costumes. I really could have just spent the entire day taking pictures of peoples cosplays. You can really tell that some people put so much time and effort into their costumes, they were just amazing. It was not only characters from anime, but allot of Adventure Time, Star Wars, and even Dr. Who, it was sick. There was this little kid who was dressed as Alphonse Elric, and his/her (hard to tell…) costume was so great, and the kid even sounded like Al. I really could gush about the awesome and hilarious cosplays all day, but I shall control my self. I just wish that the shitty pictures I took actually conveyed how detailed they were. People’s intensity made me wish that I had dressed up, so when me and Xana go to the anime convention in Baltimore over the summer I’m definitely dressing up. Maybe a pokemon trainer? I’m not really sure though, if you have any ideas, please comment and let me know! Though on the other side of the spectrum…lets just suffice it so say that there were some individuals I wish would have covered up a bit more.

We spent allot of time looking at all the venders, and buying/trying to restrain ourselves from buying everything. We actually were let into the vender area early, but then got yelled at and kicked out, but it was still a pretty sweet preview. There were tons and tons of venders, all with anime or steam punk paraphernalia that just needed to be mine.

After eating I went to go wait in line to see Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (REVIEW PENDING!). I will refrain from talking about the actual movie because I’ll be writing a full review on it. The room where they were showing the film was packed, people were even standing in the back. Before the movie they even had the head of advertising from Funimation for Fullmetal Alchemist come out and talk about the movie and answer questions. The crowd was so into the movie, there was loud cheering and laughing, it was fun to be able to watch the movie with others who were so into the franchise.

That pretty much sums up my time at Anime Boston. Unfortunately we only got to spend the one-day, but it was a fantastic whirlwind experience. Can’t wait until Baltimore!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Robert Tene says:

    Do you think you could post the pics? I would really like to see them!

    Anime convections are awesome. I buy a pile of things everytime I go there. It’s hurting my wallet but who cares?! What did you buy btw?

    • Lykos says:

      Sure, I’m going to attempt to post the pictures…once I figure out how to use wordpress :/

      Yess anime conventions are sick! I really can’t wait until the summer and Anime Baltimore! Yeah my wallet is crying too, but like you said, so worth it! I bought headphones, a cell phone charm (that is on my DS), and tons of adorable pins, and a pikachu shirt, and a My Neighbor Totoro shirt.

      • Robert Tene says:

        It’s seriously easy to upload photos using wordpress. Glad to see you found some awesome stuff there.

      • blindability says:

        I know it’s a little late (esp since you clearly figured out how to post pictures on WordPress) but I made a very basic tutorial for my writers about WordPress and its basic functions. If you’re interested, just click on “wordpress tutorial” under our banner. There’s a couple of subpages there too, namely adding images from the gallery, and categories.

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