I want to start by saying that Sakamichi no Apollon has a chance at being the best anime of the spring 2012 season.  It has an interesting premise and a strong story to back it.  Despite having some stereotypical aspect to anime, (transfer student and delinquent) it still seems very original.  Being the first episode here is a quick synopsis.

It all starts in the beginning of summer, 1966.  Due to his father’s job, a high school student by the name of Kaoru Nishimi moves to a small town with some relatives.  In his new school he meets a bad boy by the name of Sentaro Kawabuchi who introduces him to Jazz music. Kaoru finds out how much fun it is to play Jazz with someone he can now call a friend.

You don’t find many anime about music and I have only found one music anime I enjoyed which was Beck.  I enjoyed Beck but it was extremely unrealistic and had some very weird plot point but it still is located somewhere in my top 20 anime of all time.  Based on the first episode, Sakamichi no Apollon has the potential to surpass Beck story-wise and based on overall realism.

On an animation note this show is topnotch.  Everything is very fluent and I especially loved the scene where it showed only Sentaro’s hands and twigs while he was drumming on different objects.  The fight scene on the roof was also well done.  Shinichiro Watanabe is the director of this series, the same guy who directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo which means this series is going to be well directed.  I look forward to the rest of this series; it is going to be great!

  1. Komoku says:

    Ill definitely check this out tomorrow, for jazz is great music.

    3rd post by an increasingly non-coincidental random guy.

  2. mrkomoku says:

    Yep, saw it and liked it.

    – a random guy also says no problem for comments; they’re free.

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