Medaka Box Episode 2 thoughts/review

Posted: April 13, 2012 by Xana in Medaka Box
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Maybe I could see myself liking Medaka Box eventually.  I do love the writer Nisio Isin, who has some crazy stories under his belt.  He wrote both the Bakemonogatari series and the Kantangatari both of which were turned into anime series.  I mean just look, all 13 of the Bakemonogatari novel are going to be turned into anime.  Medaka Box just doesn’t seem the same so far.  It not as clever as his other works and the fan service is a little blatant.

I wonder if this series will have an overall plot.  The second episode was split up into almost like 2 separate episodes, just like what they do with American cartoon on cartoon network.  I much preferred the second half to the first.  The first story of the girl on the track team is so overused.  I kept thinking about the first arc from The World That God Only Knows, even though there is no similarities expect the girl on the track team. I did enjoy the dog part he was vicious.  There isn’t too much to write about this week.  I hope next week I will have more to talk about.


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