Zetman Episode 2 Review

Posted: April 11, 2012 by Lykos in Zetman
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This episode takes place several years after the first one. Now Jin, Konoha, and Kouga are all in middle school. Konoha and Kouga both look fine, but Jin…it is so incredibly unbelievable that he is in middle school, the artists made him look so much older. His physique and body…not one of a middle schooler. But anywho, comparatively that is a small qualm to have.

My brooding emo kid senses were blaring during this episode. Jin is going to make one hell of an emo kid. I can already hear the fan-girls…Not that this is a criticism, I like a good brooding emo hero as much as the next person, and it’s been a little while since I personally have watched a series that featured one. So bring on the brooding!

I was very satisfied with this episode. Plot wise, government conspiracies/human experiments have always fascinated me, so Zetman is right up my ally. I love the shows Nikita, Dark Angel, and when I was younger the book Maximum Ride, and Zetman is kind of along those lines. Unfortunately, “satisfied” would be the right word to explain my feelings toward episode 2; nothing about this show is really extraordinary. Enjoyable? Sure. Breath-taking? Not by a long shot.

I have scene a whole lot of action anime in my life (it is the vast majority of what I watch), and the action scenes in this episode were nothing short of underwhelming. There was nothing original or eye catching about them, but I still foster hope because it would be unfair to cast judgment after just two episodes. Though I must commend the artists for being able to make truly creepy expressions. Bravo.

The end of the episode was an effective cliffhanger; I will sure be tuning in next week to see if Auntie (Akemi) dies, and the bloodshed that will ensue.

P.S. Not that any one gives a shit, but I am having serious trouble finding Ginga e Kickoff subbed, so that’s why there has been no review thus far. Sorry 😦


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  1. Robert Tene says:

    Damn it I hate cliffhangers. Konoha was supposed to keep the angel ring a secret so why did she tell her mother about it?! Damn it! If it weren’t for her “Auntie” wouldn’t have died!

    • Lykos says:

      I must agree with you there, so far, in the first two episodes, Konoha has been a pretty useless character. I can only hope that she will get better from here!

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