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(I don’t trust her!)

Who the fuck is this Asami Sato character?! She seems like such a useless addition to the cast. The appearance of Asami is the first real qualm I have had with the Legend of Korra so far. Was she introduced just to create tension and confusion between Korra and Mako? Do I smell a love square(ish) thing emerging? Ok lets take a moment to draw this out: Bolin likes Korra, Korra likes Mako, Mako likes Korra? Mako most certainly likes Asami, who likes Mako back.  Pheww that is a mouthful. The dialog between Asami and Mako felt forced, on a first “date” who tells the other person about their personal financial woes? In addition, after knowing each other for a matter of days Asami is already telling Mako that he “makes her feel safe.” The scenes featuring these two just disrupted the flow of the episode, which was disappointing to say the least. I don’t at all mind the romance aspect to this show, in fact I think that it adds an important dimension to the series, especially because they are upwards of 17 years old (so I would expect nothing less of hormone driven teenagers), I just think that Asami is nothing short of a useless character who takes precious screen time away from characters I actually give a damn about. The one and only reason that Asami is at all an important character is because now her father is funding the Fire Ferrets so that they can compete in the Pro-bending championships. So I guess I should really be thanking Asami because now I will be treated to some more Pro-bending action scenes, I don’t have to like her though, do I?



Sorry/Update on Aniblog Tournament

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Due to it being the week before exams and the Avacyn restored pre-release weekend I have been busy.  I am already 3 posts behind and I am sorry.  Don’t worry I will be making the posts up by doing 2 episode posts later in the week. Also today Wan Abrar triumphed in the Aniblog tournament over our opponents Behind the Nihon review, in a very close 311-285 score despite some other people who were saying that no one should vote for Wan Abrar because I, Xana, am a prude female who people should feel sorry for.  Last time I checked I wasn’t prude or female…but the internet is always correct so I guess I am wrong…  Our next opponents will be Abandoned Factory Anime review, a blog I voted for because of personal reasons…I wish them the best of luck, they seem like a great blog although I haven’t read that many posts by them.

Aniblog Tournament

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Hey Folks,

As a lot of you may know the aniblog tournament is going on right now.  Xana Anime Review is much too new and crappy to have a spot in the tournament.  Today I am officially endorsing Wan Abrar as my vote.  I am not endorsing Wan Abrar because I write for the site, I am endorsing it because it is really the best site out there.  What other anime blog is reviewing 16 anime episodically every week!  Most sites give up after 3 episode of a series but the writers at Wan Abrar do not; we are in it till the end.  I am asking everybody to vote for Wan Abrar starting tomorrow 4/27/12 for 48 hours I believe starting at 4pm.

It is now time for some shit talking  Wan Abrar’s opponent is Behind the Nihon Review, a real veteran compared to Wan Abrar’s young age of a year.  I actually don’t have anything bad to say about them, they are a great blog with a strong following and fan base. I wish them the best of luck!   

Despite a strong opponent I think Wan Abrar can come out on top, we are a great blog with an even better fan base!

You can vote for your favorite anime blogs right here

Here is the link to to the best anime blog in the world! Wan Abrar

May the best blog win!


This was a pretty boring and predictable episode…UNTIL THE END! Wow they are good at leaving you with cliffhangers so you tune in next week. Because of the exiting introduction of this “Sweeper” character, I’m actually looking forward to next week. The Sweepers character design is…interesting. It sure as hell doesn’t fit with the modern atmosphere and character design of the show, in addition it looks like he wields a pretty epic sword, and weapon design is pretty exiting to a anime weapon enthusiast like my self! A third intriguing aspect of The Sweeper is where he hales from. I can infer that he does not work for Amagi Corp. by Mitsugai’s reaction to his appearance, and he is not working for/on the side of the players, because of the fact that he kills those who break “the rules.” Does he privately/independently patrol the streets? I’m just going to have to keep watching to find out!


It being the first episode of the series here is a little synopsis of Hyouka.  Oreki Hotaro is a boy who doesn’t like to get involved with anything.  He likes to live an energy saving type of life style. Upon his sister request he joins the Classical Literature club which has no other members.   He does this to make sure the club doesn’t die. He thinks he will be the only member but he soon finds out a girl named Chitanda Eru has also joined the club “for her own reasons.”  Oreki, Chitanda, and Oreki’s friend Fukabe a boy who is a database for useless knowledge all become apart of the classical literature club, but there is more, a mystery awaits…  (more…)

Rea is finally a zombie, and it is about time.  Her mean daddy by mistake pushes her off a cliff, and damn she gets impaled.  I would have liked to see them drag out the death a little bit.  She immediately comes back to life.  It would have been nice if she came back to life that night so we could see more of the emotional reactions of her father and Chihiro.  I wonder how her dad will now act now that Rea is a zombie.  I bet he will be much nicer to her.  He has already killed her once I bet he doesn’t want to do it again.

I just want to write a whole essay on how cute Babu is.  I am so happy he is a zombie kitty.  He is my new favorite animal in Anime.  I love the little noise he makes.  Even though he is a kitty I expect him and Rea to form a bond as zombies.  I wonder if Chihiro’s grandfather is a zombie.  He keeps eating Hydrangea like Babu has been which is a poison.  I wonder if it is the Hydrangea that keeps the zombies alive.

The next few episodes are going to make or break this series.  I hope it is able to remain the dark emotional series it has been so far.  I don’t want now that Rea is dead for the series to become an Ecchi comedy without its emotional richness.

This is late! I am Sorry! I have a lot of work!  It is almost my exam week at college!  And all my classes are giving me papers and tests!  Tsuritama is so fun to watch.  It comes out Thursdays, right near the end of the school week.  It is so nice to just sit back and relax to this show right after class.  It great at making me forget all about a stressful week.  For all those who say that this for girls, f*ck off, I don’t care and stop being sexist.  (more…)