What spring anime we will be reviewing

Posted: March 31, 2012 by Xana in Uncategorized

So as some of you may know and some of you don’t I write for both Wan Abrar and this lovely site here.  (Well it isn’t very lovely; it is a mess haha because I barely know how to use wordpress)  Today I will be doing a post about what I, Xana and my partner in crime Lykos will be reviewing for you this spring!

I will be reviewing 3 anime for Wan Abrar, if you have never been to that site before what are you still doing here (it is some much nicer and more professional that this blog) I will put the link below.

Accel World

It is by Sunrise Studio.  They are due to come through with something amazing, since they haven’t really put anything good out lately.  The character design looks awesome, the lead is really short, fat, and nerdy.

Tasogare OtomexAmnesia

It is by Silver Link a studio I have never heard of.  The show looks like it is going to be a good substitution for Another horror wise.


It is made by White Fox and it is their first anime since the brilliant Steins; Gate.  It is about arms dealers and a child soldier and it looks violent, I can’t wait.

For Xana Anime Review I will be reviewing at the least Sankarea.  You can’t go wrong with zombie romance right? Let hope there isn’t too much fan service.  If I have time I may review Sakamichi no Apollon or Tsuritama or maybe both.  We shall see!  I am also going to be doing a weekly review of everything I feel like it for the week, I will make it interesting for you all.

Lykos will be reviewing 3 things for you right here.  Although it is not anime Lykos will be reviewing The Legend of Korra because it is badass.  She will also be reviewing 2 anime, Zetman and Ginga E Kickoff.  I will let her say more about why she is reviewing them in her own post.

I hope you all will enjoy our posts! Subscribe if you want, I promise we won’t disappoint you.



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