Spring Anime! And a Nick Show?!

Posted: March 31, 2012 by Lykos in Uncategorized
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So as Xana has already said I will be reviewing three shows episodically this season: Legend of Korra, Ginga E Kickoff!!, and Zetman.

Legend of Korra- Nickelodeon?

Must I really explain?

Ginga E Kickoff!!- TYO Animations

I absolutely love soccer; I read a couple of volumes of Whistle! and I played in high school, so I was pretty exited to hear that a soccer anime was coming out. In addition, the few sports anime I have watched I’ve actually enjoyed (even though they are way too over dramatic). SO BRING IT ON!

Zetman- TMS Entertainment

It is a TMS Entertainment production, a studio I truthfully have never heard off. Continuing with the ignorance train I know nothing about the anime, except for what I sol in the trailer, but the trailer absolutely enthralled me. So why not give it a shot?





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